Meet The Fun Animals Of Guddu’s Circus Like Veeru, Ballu, Bhowbhow On ZEE KIDS

Jessica David

May 6, 2020


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Meet the characters of ZEE5 KIDS original series Guddu

We bet you must have never seen an all-animal world that is so entertaining. ZEE5 KIDS is coming up with the second season of the original animated series Guddu. With the purpose of having #NonStopBachFUN, parents can sit with their children to enjoy the story of the residents of Dhimkana Nagar jungle, who run a city circus in Falana Nagar. Let’s go on a tour to meet the massive lion, Guddu and his friends who possess amazing skills, hitting your screens on May 8, 2020.

Watch a promo for this animated series here.

1. Guddu - The lion

Guddu is perhaps the only vegetarian lion on earth who relishes carrots and radishes. He is the protagonist of the story and resides in the jungle of Dhimkana Nagar. Along with his friends, he heads a city circus in Falana Nagar to bring joy and happiness in animal’s lives. He is polyglot, which means that he can speak several languages. He is jovial, courageous and extremely protective of his gang.

2. Veeru - The rhinoceros

A lazy rhinoceros, Veeru loves to eat almost everything but is most of his protein shakes. He is stout and plump, therefore loves to workout every day and build his muscles. He is one of the attractions at the city circus because of his amazing hula-hoop skills and his ability to balance animals on his horn. Veeru, the rhino, speaks in Haryanvi and has a thick accent.

3. Ballu - The elephant

Ballu is a male elephant and the laziest member of Guddu’s circus troupe. He is not the least bit intuitive and behaves in the most infantile manner. On his unicycle, he performs various exciting acts along with the gang. He is very sentimental and gets angry very easily, breathing in and out to calm himself down. Besides that, he is a banana connoisseur. And he speaks Punjabi with an accent.

4. Chugli, Googly, Ugli - The monkey triplets

The three monkeys Chugli, Googly and Ugli make the gossip gang of Dhimkana Nagar. The triplets are always up to some mischief but also get serious when Guddu needs their help in investigating criminal cases. Chugli leads the trio to perform trapeze acts at the city circus. He is also the Master of Ceremony and introduces Guddu’s acts to the audience. The monkeys speak in a Bengali accent.

5. Bunty-Babli - The Flamingos

Bunty and Babli are the lovey-dovey flamingo couple in the Guddu’s gang. While Bunty specialises in ballroom dancing, Babli is one of the star performers at the circus. Both of them have a Gujarati accent. Babli can be extremely melodramatic and overly emotional at times. Bunty is madly in love with her and agrees to each of her wishes. The couple joins their two flexible necks to express their love.

6. Mr. Bhowbhow - The police commissioner

Falana Nagar is a city full of goons and crimes. A dog, Mr Bhowbhow is the Commissioner of Police, who always seeks Guddu’s assistance to solve cases. He is accompanied by inspector Rocky and protects the animals of Dhimkana Nagar as well. He wears a blue uniform and spectacles. He is a five-star officer and owns a police station with the logo of a paw with five toes.

7. Kallu - The goon buffalo

Kallu is the villain of Guddu’s show. He is a goon buffalo who resides in a villa above the Dhimkana Nagar mountain. He breaks laws and indulges in several nefarious activities like smuggling, robbery, kidnapping and theft. He has two henchmen named Bawla and Sawla. He accompanies Billori, the other villain, in creating problems for Guddu, who wins over evil with good every time.

8. Billori - The millionaire cat

A multi-millionaire cat, Billori is another enemy of Guddu. She wants to take over the land in Falana Nagar where Guddu has set up his city circus. She looks down upon him and leaves no stone unturned to create problems in his life. She is a petite feline but makes up for her size with a commanding personality. She owns a construction company and wants to build towers all around the city.

9. Bagad-Billa - Billori's bodyguards

Bagad and Billa are Billori’s dumb-witted tomcat bodyguards. They are mostly stupid but are good at blindly following Billor’s orders and act accordingly. However, they mess up every situation and cause more problems for her than taking care of her already existing problems. More often than not, they end up getting scratched by their nasty cat-boss. Billori uses them to trouble Guddu’s gang.

Watch the original animated series Guddu for #NonStopBachFUN, streaming on May 8, 2020, only on ZEE5 KIDS.

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