Meet The Characters Of Upcoming Show Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Excited about this new show? Let us take a look at the main characters of this show.

Mahima Maniar

September 28, 2020


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Apna Time Bhi Aayega is a new and upcoming Indian television show on the ZEE5 network. The show will address the issue of social disparities between the royal family of Jaipur and the servants who carry out the various chores and errands at the royal palace.

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The show introduces the protagonist Rani to bridge the gap between the elite and the lower class. The show has an ensemble of many characters with their own quirks and virtues. Let us take a look at the main characters of the show:

Anushka Sen- Rani

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Rani, the daughter of a servant at the royal palace, takes pride in her father’s loyalty and hard work. She is a vivacious and intelligent girl who loves studying. With an aptitude in mathematics, Rani is capable of doing big calculations mentally. Even at a young age, she is sensible. She considers the societal discrepancies to be farcical. Rani believes that no matter what a person’s background is, he/she can achieve anything they set their heart to. However, Rani has a minimal idea about household chores since she spends most of her time studying.

Pratish Vora- Ramadheer

Ramadheer is the head servant at the royal palace. He only visits his family once in a year and treats Rani like a princess. He wishes Rani to study and pursue her dreams and not lead a life of drudgery like him. After his wife had passed away, he had been both a father and mother to Rani. He loves his family unconditionally and also is very loyal to the royal family where his efficiency is appreciated.

Bhautik- Varun

Although Varun is Rani’s younger brother, he often behaves like an elder one in order to protect her. He is average in academics and is always at the receiving end of Rani’s scolding. But the funny moments that they share at his behest are priceless.

Akshita Arora- Suman

Rani’s grandmother Suman is the oldest member of the family. She disagrees with Ramadheer constantly pampering Rani. According to her perception, one should know both the household chores as well as study and maintain a balance between the two.

Fahmaan Khan- Veer Pratap Singhania

The eldest son of Rani Padmavati, Veer is a doctor. He is too stern in his appearance but has a heart of gold. He never explicitly shows his care and concern for the needy, but he discreetly pays the fees for their treatment. Despite knowing that he is not Padmavati’s real son, Veer harbours a lot of respect for his mother. When his brother Vikram gets caught in a crime, he selflessly takes the blame on his shoulders. This goes to show how much he cares for his family.

Gargi Patel- Bhairavi Singhania

Rajmata Bhairavi Singhania is a very light-hearted woman who alone can have a war of words with Padmavati. For her, humanity matters over the royal lineage. She always shows her gratitude to everyone who helps the royal household run. Despite being the oldest in the house, she has a modern approach towards life.

Tanaaz Irani- Padmavati

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Padmavati is the epitome of royalty. She strictly believes in the divide between the rich and the poor and keeps on reinforcing it. Her grandeur as the royal princess is praiseworthy. She handles the family business. With a superiority complex, she is an authoritative figure who controls all the decisions of the house. Padmavati has kept Veer as her son only to punish Kamini who is his real mother. She is a doting mother to Vikram and Nandini.

Yaguvender Singh- Sanjay Singhania

Although he is the king, he does not exercise any powers. He is subdued by Padmavati’s authority. Her attitude had a bad impact on his life, and in that weak moment, he had an affair with Kamini – his secretary. He wanted to marry her, but could not. Padmavati gets to know about this, and as revenge, keeps Kamini as her secretary while she is expecting a child. This was to remind Sanjay of his guilt.

Sehrish Ali- Nandini Singhania

She is the firstborn child of Padmavati. She always felt that her mother showered all her affection upon Vikram, her younger brother. This forces her to become a rebel. While she develops a liking to Arun, the head chef, she gets married to the Prince of Chunagarh. Nandini needs variety in her life as she is easily bored with things. She also aspires to learn the ropes of their family business like her mother, but in vain.

Hemant Lavniya- Vikram Singh

Vikram is the youngest of the three siblings. His mother’s love has made him a spoilt brat. He falls in love with Kiara, who is Veer’s fiancée. He has the habit of indulging in smoking and drinking and does not much care about his family fortunes.

Samaksh Saudi- Jai Singh Shikhawat

He is the Prince of Chunagarh and Nandini’s husband. Although he comes across as a polished and sophisticated person, he is a licentious man who has his eyes for every beautiful woman.

Priyal Shah- Kiara Singh Sisodia

Kiara is the daughter of a businessman, who like Padmavati, believes in class differentiation. Her marriage is arranged with Veer as a part of a business deal. She takes pride in her beauty and is absorbed in social media at all times. She also falls in love with Vikram.

Hiten Meghrajani- Arun

Arun is an educated and handsome man, who is the head chef of the royal household. He falls in love with Nandini, but seeing her marry the Prince of Chungarh breaks his heart. He then concentrates on helping Rani find the truth about the culprit because of whom, her father had to be imprisoned.

Watch this space for more updates on this new show, which will premiere on October 20, only on ZEE5.


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