Meet The Actors Behind The Characters Who Make Up The ZEE5 Original Series N.E.R.D.

Promita Mukherjee

July 1, 2019


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Hasvanth Vanga as Hasvanth


Hasvanth plays the role of Hasvanth, an orphan and a techie who leads a regular life and craves for a family of his own in the ZEE5 Original Series N.E.R.D. The series deals with what happens when he comes across six beautiful women and get into a relationship. And they start disappearing one after the other.

Namrata Darekar as Rahasya


She plays a 24-year-old bubbly techie. She lives with her parents and is an introvert. She comes across Hasvanth accidentally and ends up falling for him.

Ranjana Singh as Arogya


She plays this mysterious 24-year-old who hates relationships of any kind and avoids people on general. The only guy in her life is Hasvanth, who she meets at the gym.

Nishat Raza as Annapurna


Another 24-year-old who runs a local curry point from where Hasvanth picks up his food every day. She hails from a typical middle-class background.

Aarti Gupta as Vihaari


A fun-loving 24-year-old techie who meets Hasvanth in the pool cab. She’s a happy-go-lucky girl who gets into a relationship with him as well.

Nikita Bisht as Yaswi


A 29-year-old woman who is still waiting for her husband who left her years ago. She has an aunt who she takes care of and meets Hasvanth in a hospital.

Gehana Vasisth as Yogitha


This 28-year-old comes from a troubled family with her parents dealing with issues in their marriage. She stays with her brother and comes across Hasvanth when her brother attacks him mistakenly thinking he is someone else.

Arjun Ambati as Arjun


He plays the police officer who is looking to hunt down the serial killer who has murdered six women.

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