Meet The 5 Pandavas From The Upcoming Challenging Star Darshan’s Film Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra is the most anticipated film of the year because of the massive cast that producer Muniratna has brought together including the Rebel Star

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Known to be Namma Challenging Star’s 50th film, Kurukshetra is a mythological-war drama that focuses on the epic that is Mahabharata from the point of view of King Duryodhana (played by DBoss). Directed by Naganna and produced by Munirathna under the Rockline Entertainments banner, the movie is said to be a visual treat of the ancient poet Ranna’s poem Gadhayudha. As you can gather from the second half of the name that this film will be focussing on one of the most epic battles ever fought, Mahabharatha. The film that is said to release on August 12, 2019, is going to also be released in not one but four other languages across the country; Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

What’s more, the film will have some super big names from Sandalwood like Namma Challenging Star Darshan as Duryodhana, the late Rebel Star Ambareesh as Bheeshma, Crazy Star V Ravichandran as Krishna, Arjun Sarja as Karna, Sahasa Simha’s wife Bharathi Vishnuvardhan as Kunti and many more. Today, however, we will take a brief glimpse of the actors who will be playing the ‘Pancha-Pandavas’ aka the five Pandavas in the film.

Shashikumar as Dharmaraya, also known as Yudhishthira

Veteran actor Shashikumar will be seen in Kurukshetra as the eldest son of King Pandu and Queen Kunti. While in many areas of the country, with different versions of the Mahabharatha, the eldest Pandava goes by either Yudhishthira or Dharmaraya. In this film, however, Shashikumar will be called Dharmaraya.

Danish Akthar Saifi as Bhima 

Famously known for his role as Hanuman in the Hindi serial Siya Ke Ram, the wrestler-turned-actor Danish Akhtar Saifi will be portraying the role of the second Pandava, Bhima. Although he isn’t the eldest, none of his onscreen brothers will be able to beat his six-foot height!

A Behind-The Scenes-Still Of The Crazy Star As Krishna
Source: ZEE5

Sonu Sood as Arjuna 

Gaining entry into Sandalwood with his second Kannada film (first being the award-winning film Vishnuvardhan in 2011), Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is all set out to play the third Pandava brother, Arjuna. Apart from Kannada, Sonu Sood has done a variety of Tamil and Telugu films too.

Yashas Surya as Nakul and Chandan Kumar as Sahadeva

The prominent Kannada actor Yashas Surya will be playing the role of the fourth Pandava brother, Nakul, while the youngest brother is said to be played by the Prema Baraha actor Chandan Kumar.

What are you eagerly waiting to see in the movie? Keep your thoughts flowing in the space given below.

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