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Meet Karthik Ratnam AKA Ravi Reddy, The Youngest Of The Lot In ZEE5 Original G.O.D

Sneha Bale

October 11, 2019

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It’s time to meet the youngest member of the Reddy family of Dharmapuri. Here’s Ravi Reddy, played by Karthik Rathnam, a hero in his own right

The Reddy family, living in the border-town of Dharmapuri, is here to take over the reins of power and control. It all started with Pratap Reddy (Raj Deepak Shetty) and we expect his legacy to be followed by his heirs. His wife, Saroja (Sruthi Jayan), is a godly woman and fears the karma that would come back to her. They are happily blessed with two sons. Will the sons bring relief to the town and the family or will they follow the footsteps of their father into the dark side? We’ve met their elder son, Venu Reddy (Satyadev Kancharla). It’s time to meet the youngest member of the family.

Watch the trailer here:

Ravi Reddy is the youngest member of the Reddy family. Played by actor Karthik Rathnam, Ravi is a whole hero – in his own right. He grew up watching his father be a rebel and a dark lord. He loves cinema that emphasises on the heroism of the man and truly believes that those films are his reality.

Karthik Rathnam in GOD
Karthik Rathnam in GOD

Place a gun in his hand and watch him go like a loose cannon. Ravi has a special place in his heart and life for all things immoral. He thrives on alcohol and eyes every woman he can. Outrage is his second nature and gambling is his hobby. Sounds like a walking-talking wrecking ball, doesn’t he? What happens when the battle for Dharmapuri begins and the lines of morality and ethics go blur? Ravi Reddy adds on to the misery of the town or diverts it all somewhere else, for better or for worse?

Stay tuned to know what he brings to the table on ZEE5 on October 23. Love crime and thriller, like Ravi Reddy? Indulge in the light-hearted watch, ZEE5 Original Film Dhrusti, starring Rahul Ravindran.

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