Meet Actor Srikanth As Gangadhar Who Is Ready To Win The War In ZEE5 Original Chadarangam

It’s finally time to meet the man of the show, and the man of the hour – Gangadhar from the upcoming ZEE5 Original Chadarangam, played by Srikanth.

Sneha Bale

February 6, 2020


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The upcoming ZEE5 Original titled Chadarangam is a political drama, just as the name suggests. After binge-watching easy-breezy shows like Anaganaga and Three Half Bottles, it is time to prepare yourself for something bigger, better and a lot more intense. Based on the true events of Andhra-Pradesh politics in the early 1970-1980s, Chadarangam promises to be a gripping tale of the rise and fall of a dynasty. The show also boasts of a stellar ensemble cast, with actor Meka Srikanth in the lead role. After a long wait, it is finally time to meet the man of the hour.

Watch the trailer of Chadarangam here:

Actor Srikanth Meka, who is known for his lover-boy roles in the ’80s and the ’90s, will be making a strong comeback with his part in Chandarangam. Playing the role of Gangadhar, the actor will be seen as a 50-year-old film star who tries his hand at politics. With punctuality being his best virtue, Gangadhar is a godly man. It isn’t difficult for him to set up a political party and win a seat, with the massive fan-following he takes pride in. Not only in films, but he promises to be a leader even in reality. What happens when he climbs the ladder of success forms the crux of the story.

Gangadhar in Chadarangam
Gangadhar in Chadarangam

Introducing the character on social media, his personality is described as “the gaze of the king is enough to keep his opponents at a distance”. Playing the part of his opponent will be the popular Tollywood actor, knows for his negative roles, Nagineedu. 

The nine-episode show, Chadarangam premieres on February 20, 2020, only on ZEE5. In the meantime, you can check out Gods Of Dharmapuri.


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