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Meet 31 January 2023 Written Update: Meet catches a disguised Shagun

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February 2, 2023

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Shagun comes disguised as a dancer to perform the haldi ceremony with Manmeet. Manmeet saves Meet’s life and haldi is applied to them. Meet catches Shagun and questions her. The police arrest Shagun.

In the previous episode of Meet, Manmeet almost gets exposed in front of Meet. He tells Sarkar that Meet has got suspicious. Ishani brings Meet for the haldi ceremony with Manmeet. Later, Manmeet’s sister-in-law instigates Shagun.

In the latest episode of Meet, Meet apologises to everyone for taking Meet Ahlawat’s name when she promised not to think about him. Manmeet tells her that old relations cannot be forgotten even after making new ones. He asks Meet to get ready for their ‘Haldi’ ceremony before her decision changes. Ragini asks Manmeet to say something precious to Meet and vice versa. Manmeet looks deeply into Meet’s eyes and wishes for her dreams to get completed. Meet tells Manmeet that she will be his backbone and will be there with him forever. Everyone starts cheering and clapping while Manmeet asks Meet about her worry and says that he is against dowry, to which Meet replies that she is just wondering why Sarkar is marrying Shagun in secret. A few dancers enter and start dancing while everyone else enjoys their performance. While dancing, one of the dancers reveals her face to Manmeet and she turns out to be Shagun. Shagun puts her veil back on but trips before leaving for the balcony. Meet helps her get up but doesn’t find out that the girl is Shagun. After a while, Shagun calls Manmeet near the balcony. She also warns him about revealing her face in front of everyone. Manmeet comes to the balcony when Shagun pulls him closer. Shagun says the sweat of hard work looks good on a man’s forehead and not fear. Meanwhile, a big bowl of flower petals in water is kept next to Meet and by some accident, a loose wire falls into it, making the entire water electrified. Manmeet watches this from the balcony while Shagun hugs him. He immediately releases himself and rushes downstairs as he is scared that Meet might touch it and get a shock. Manmeet pulls Meet towards him and picks her up as soon as she is about to put her hand in the bowl. While saving her, the whole plate of Haldi falls on both of them and they roll together. Babita says that their pair is consented to by God himself as they both applied Haldi to each other before anyone else while Shagun watches the two of them in anger. She angrily goes to the kitchen but Meet follows her and asks her what is she doing there. Meet tries to remove the veil from her face but Shagun pushes her and starts running. She finally catches Shagun and removes her veil. Manmeet pipes in and say that Meet was right about Sarkar being up to something and has sent her to spy on them. SP Bhati enters, which makes Shagun and Manmeet nervous while Meet smiles and says that Shagun has come here in disguise for some fishy purpose. SP Bhati arrests Shagun to make her speak while Meet whispers something into SP Bhati’s ears, leaving Meet concerned.

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