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Meet 31 August 2023 Written Update: Raunak executes his plan against Shlok

Akshada Bhatkar

September 1, 2023

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Priyanka learns about Pankhudi’s messages to Raj and she decides to stop her from meeting Raj. Raunak fools Sumeet to execute his plan against Shlok. He shoves Shlok inside the gorilla’s cage.

In the previous episode of Meet, Shagun threatens to punish Sumeet if she does not complete the task. Sumeet saves Shlok from a mishap. Raunak asks Sumeet to prove that he is not mentally ill. Later, he plans to kill Shlok.

In the latest episode of Meet, Sumeet fervently prays for guidance to expose Raunak’s deceit, while Poonam’s growing concern for Shlok becomes evident. As Poonam and Akash enter the scene, they immediately inquire about Shlok’s well-being. Sumeet explains that she hasn’t disturbed him due to his restless night, and Poonam voices her worry, noting Shlok’s alarming decline in mental state. Before Sumeet can reveal crucial information to Ashok and Poonam, Shagun arrives and disrupts their conversation. Shagun declares her intent to stay with the Chaudharys until her mission is accomplished, much to Raunak’s chagrin, as her presence threatens his plot against Shlok. Despite Raunak’s attempts to persuade Shagun to leave, she stands her ground, even resorting to threats. Poonam, trying to appease Shagun, heads to the kitchen to make coffee, allowing Shlok and Sumeet to retreat inside. Sumeet confides in Shlok about the danger posed by Shagun’s presence in their home. Meanwhile, Pankhudi’s plans to meet Raj are thwarted when Priyanka discovers her intentions. Pankhudi fabricates a story about attending a party, deflecting Priyanka’s reminder about Myra’s vaccination by asking her to tidy her room. Priyanka’s suspicions grow, leading her to inspect Pankhudi’s belongings, uncovering a hidden phone and the secret rendezvous with Raj. Amidst this turmoil, Shagun’s call for Shlok and Sumeet sets Raunak’s plan in motion. Raunak, standing at the doorway, observes Shlok and Sumeet, and Sumeet notices him reporting Shagun’s abduction of Akki to the police. Sensing an opportunity, Raunak plans to inform Shagun, preparing the stage for Sumeet and Shlok’s return. He privately informs Shagun about Sumeet’s supposed call to the police, prompting her to abruptly leave the Chaudhary premises. As Sumeet and Shlok exchange victorious smiles, Raunak makes a chilling resolve to eliminate Shlok. Concerned about Raunak’s intentions, Sumeet discovers his absence from his bed, prompting her to tail him. Outdoors, Raunak dons a hoodie, with Sumeet trailing closely. Eventually, Raunak confesses to deceiving Sumeet by supplying the same hoodie to someone else before vanishing. He orchestrates a call to a fake Raunak, instructing him to lead Sumeet far from the house. Meanwhile, Sumeet spots a gorilla at the Chaudharys’ residence while Raunak seizes Dadi, setting off a chain of events that will culminate in a dangerous confrontation. Later,Raunak shoves Shlok inside the gorilla’s cage.

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