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Meet 30 November 2022 Written Update: Meet learns a huge truth


December 1, 2022

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Meet asks Nirmal for the name of the poison, but he dies of a poison given by Neelam. Ishani tells Meet that Neelam was not molested and she is pregnant with Pratap’s child. Meet informs the family.

In the previous episode of Meet, Meet Ahlawat saves Meet’s life. Meet tells everyone that Neelam has no mental disorder and backs it with proof. Balbir tells Meet about Nirmal and Meet sets a trap to catch him.

In the latest episode of Meet, Nirmal looks at the oil pan hoping that Meet, who is disguised as a fortune teller, will predict something good. However, Meet looks in the oil pan and confirms that he is Nirmal and addresses him by his name. Nirmal gets surprised when Meet tells him that she knows he even paired up with a girl named Laila and gave poison to Meet Ahlawat. Shocked at the revelation, Nirmal says that he doesn’t know what she’s talking about and runs away from there. However, Meet also reveals herself and runs after Nirmal. Back at the Ahlawat house, the whole family sits with Meet Ahlawat and tells him about how they all miss him at the lunch table. Rajvardhan tells him that he is sure Meet will return with the anecdote for the poison. Meet Ahlawat tells the family that they will sit together at the dining table once again and will forget all the tension lingering around them. On the other hand, Ishani is talking to Pratap on call while he tells her that he has sent her the photo of the girl again. While checking the photo Ishani bumps into Neelam, and her phone falls. Neelam picks up her phone and leaves while Ishani gets shocked to see the picture of Neelam with Pratap. Meanwhile, Meet manages to catch up to Nirmal and starts thrashing him while demanding to know the name of the poison. However, he suddenly falls unconscious and starts foaming at the mouth. A nearby person checks Nirmal’s pulse and announces him as dead while Meet Hooda wonders who poisoned Nirmal. Then, Neelam arrives from the back of the crowd and smirks. Flashback shows, Neelam intentionally colliding with Nirmal and giving him poisoned Prasad as a gift, which he had eaten without thinking much about it. Later, Neelam leaves while Meet calls the police and informs them about Nirmal being poisoned. Just then, Ishani and Pratap also arrive and inform Meet Hooda that Neelam is the girl who had used Pratap for his money. Ishani also informs Meet that Neelam was not raped but that she got pregnant with Pratap’s child and even threatened to abort the baby if Pratap revealed the truth to anyone. Then, Meet connects the clues and realises that Neelam has also lied to Barfi Devi to act like a victim and is faking her Split Personality Disorder. Back at the Ahlawat house, the family is sitting together at the dining table as Meet Ahlawat cracks jokes and wishes about Meet being there. Just then, Meet and Ishani come there with saddened faces and inform the family that she could not find out about the poison. Meet Ahlawat sees the saddened face of the family members and comforts them saying that he and Meet will figure something out. Further, Meet Ahlawat requests Ragini to feed him as Meet stops him from eating unhealthy food. Meet Ahlawat says that nothing will happen to him if he eats the food made with love and hugs Meet, who sobs insolently. Meet tells everyone how Nirmal died in front of her eyes and expresses her doubts about Neelam. The family gets curious and Meet reveals to them that Neelam was not raped but was using Ishani’s friend, Pratap, and had gotten pregnant with his child for her plan to enter the Ahlawat family and snatch Meet Ahlawat from her. Babita feels disgusted while saying that she cannot believe how someone can use such a sensitive topic as rape for their twisted plans.

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