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Meet 29 August 2023 Written Update: Raunak admits that he is not mentally ill

Akshada Bhatkar

September 8, 2023

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Abhay accuses Vani of betraying him with another man. Raj disguises himself as a doctor to treat Raunak. Shagun rushes to save Raunak while the latter admits that he is not mentally ill.

In the previous episode of Meet, Sumeet grows suspicious of Raunak when she hears a message notification from his room. She learns that Raunak’s abnormal behaviour is just an act. Later, Sumeet teaches Raunak a lesson.

In the latest episode of Meet, Pankhudi raised concerns about Dadi’s declining health due to the task, accusing Sumeet. The family members discuss how to handle Raunak, and Shlok tries to reveal the truth, but Sumeet stops him. Shlok questions Sumeet’s trust in the Chaudharys; she explains that revealing Raunak’s act would hinder their plan. Sumeet assures Poonam they have a doctor, but Shagun refuses medical help for Raunak. Sumeet ensures Shagun won’t find out about the doctor. At Vani’s house, Priyanka helps Raj disguise as a doctor. Abhay confronts Vani, denying the paternity of the baby. He demands a DNA test, threatening to leave. Vani values trust over tests and declines. Abhay tosses her nuptial chain and leaves. At the Chaudharys’, Raunak observes Sumeet preparing for the doctor. Raj prepares to act in front of Raunak. Abhay plans to inform Shagun of Raj’s intentions. Raunak questions Sumeet, and she mentions Dr. Danny’s arrival, known for curing severe cases. They attempt to confine Raunak, administering electric shocks for treatment. Dr. Danny playfully interacts with Raunak, preparing for treatment. Raunak recognizes him as Raj, but Sumeet and Shlok help Danny resume his disguise. Danny administers an electric shock, intending to cure Raunak. Raunak realises the truth and confesses to faking his madness. Meanwhile, Abhay informs Shagun of Raj’s deception. Shagun calls Raunak as Danny prepares to shock him. Raunak admits his act, exposed to the camera.

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