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Meet 28 February 2023 Written Update: Meet wins a bet against Manmeet


March 7, 2023

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Meet wins the bet as Manmeet’s accusation that Meet was smoking turns out to be wrong. Sundari steals the money for the operation. Sarkar mistrusts Manmeet. Meet asks Shagun for the factory papers.

In the previous episode of Meet, the terrorists come to the same hospital where Meet is and take everyone hostage. Nobody tells the police about it out of fear. The police leave and Meet comes up with an idea.

In the latest episode of Meet, Gunwanti, Meghana, Mahendra, and everyone else gather in the hall when Yashoda tells that Sundari has started smoking in the house. Meanwhile, Sundari and Anuja are on their way home when they notice a man playing with his boy, Anuja lovingly asks Sundari if Sarkar will also love her. Sundari reveals to Anuja that she cannot forget the day, Anuja was born as the day was not celebrated, but rather cursed as she gave birth to two girls and was treated worse than a maid. However, Sundari wipes her tears, telling Anuja the day she gets operated on and turns from Anuja to Anuj, she will celebrate her homecoming as then, she could also proudly say that she is a mother to a son. On the other hand, Yasodha screams Sundari’s name, accusing her of smoking a cigarette. Sundari comes running to Yasodha and denies smoking a cigarette as she wouldn’t even touch it in her wildest dreams while Manmeet remembers Meet in the flashback and thinks she is the one who smoked. He confidently tells Yasodha that it is not Sundari but Meet who smokes while Meet stares at him blankly when he provokes her to admit that she smokes. Meet tells him that if she did, she would proudly admit to it since boys also smoke all the time. Manmeet provokes Meet by asking if she is afraid, while Meet tells him she has nothing to hide. While all of them get distracted by Manmeet & Meet’s banter, Sundari and Anuja exit the hall to hide the hospital papers. Manmeet asks Meet to step in front of him so he can smell her breath while Meet says if he is proven wrong, he has to agree to her conditions. He accepts her challenge making Shagun tell him not to promise anything while he asks her to quieten down. However, Manmeet is left shocked when he pulls Meet close to him and doesn’t smell any ash or cigarette smell out of her mouth. Mahendra taunts Manmeet if he is proven wrong, and Manmeet looks sheepish and says Meet must have eaten a mint tablet to ward off the smell. Yasodha sternly asks Manmeet to check Meet and Meet giggles as Manmeet comes toward her. Meet feels dizzy as Manmeet tells him that she just snubbed the cigarette under her feet in the morning instead of smoking. Mahendra asks Manmeet to not include him in his fights anymore because now, he would have to quit smoking to save Manmeet’s reputation as a man, while Meet asks Manmeet to also agree to Meghna’s condition. Manmeet walks away after mumbling not to stop Meghana to study. Meanwhile, Sundari steals some of the money out of Jasodha’s locker and gives it to Anuja for the operation. Later, Manmeet is getting scolded by Sarkar for being so weak in front of Meet As Shagun exits Sarkar’s room, Meet taunts her by singing a song and asks her to give her the factory papers, otherwise Shagun will have to leave Manmeet forever because Meet will win the wrestling match. Shagun asks Meet if stupid is written on her face since she believes in Manmeet’s strength and leaves there.

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