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Meet 24 August 2023 Written Update: Sumeet saves Myra

Akshada Bhatkar

September 7, 2023

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At Shagun’s behest, Raunak coerces Sumeet into celebrating their wedding night. Later, a furious Raunak bundles Myra into a box and gives it to a junk dealer. Sumeet and Shlok save Myra’s life.

In the previous episode of Meet, a mentally ill Raunak claims to be Sumeet husband. When Raunak asks Sumeet to feed him food, Sumeet comes up with a plan, leaving everyone delighted. Later, Raunak’s demand shocks Sumeet.

In the latest episode of Meet, a stunned Sumeet gazes at Raunak’s room adorned with a love theme, where Raunak announces they’ll now share the same room. Inquiring about his actions, Sumeet questions Raunak’s motives, rendering his face pale. Undeterred, he places a bridal dupatta on Sumeet, claiming they’ll have their first marital night. An uncomfortable Sumeet declines, leading Raunak to forcibly grasp her hand. As he tries to pull her onto the bed, Shlok barges in and punches Raunak, causing him to fall on the bed he prepared for Sumeet. Shlok aims to strike again but Sumeet intervenes, fearing harm to the Chaudhury family. She guides Shlok away, leaving an agitated Raunak behind. Subsequently, Shlok and Sumeet reveal Raunak’s actions to the Chaudhurys, shocking everyone. Poonam comments on Shagun’s malevolence, prompting Sumeet to explain Raunak’s propensity for harm due to unmet needs. Meanwhile, Raunak dons a devilish red mask, wielding a spear and fleeing like a rabbit. Shlok declares his intention to surrender to the police for breaking Shagun’s contract but stops upon hearing Raunak’s mimicry of a lion’s roar. The family seeks Raunak, who locks himself in Pankhudi’s room. Panicking, Pankhudi realizes baby Myra is missing, alerting everyone. Raunak reappears with Myra, feigning cries. Despite pleas, Raunak doesn’t heed their warnings. Sumeet shatters the glass door, but Raunak escapes with Myra in a carton box through the back door. Sumeet and Shlok inquire about Myra but receive no response from Raunak, thwarting Shlok’s attempt to retaliate. The couple searches for Myra but finds no leads. Raunak demands the Chaudhary kneel if they wish to know about Myra. Raunak manipulates the situation, implying they’re responsible for Myra’s disappearance. Pankhudi complies, begging for Myra’s safety, while Rajeev prevents Poonam from doing the same. Sumeet and Shlok continue their search, and a vendor unknowingly moves Myra’s carton box. Sumeet discovers Myra’s chain and approaches the area where Myra is kept. A burning matchstick left by the vendor ignites a haystack, and Sumeet hears Myra’s cries. She rescues Myra just in time, followed by Shlok. Shlok attempts to douse the fire with a water pipe, but their efforts remain unsuccessful.

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