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Meet 23 March 2023 Written Update: Meet’s plan to hinder Sarkar’s second marriage

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March 31, 2023

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Meet tells Manmeet her plan to stop Sarkar’s second wedding. Sarkar asks Mahendra to kill Meet. Sarkar calls off the wedding with Jalebi after seeing Manmeet held captive by Jalebi’s lover, Ajay.

In the previous episode of Meet, the family supports Meet. Meet tells Sarkar Yashoda’s importance. She gets emotional talking to Yashoda about her past and asks her to accept her as a daughter. Sarkar humiliates Yashoda.

In the latest episode of Meet, Meet sits in front of Lord Krishna’s idol and requests to stop Sarkar’s marriage with Jalebi. Before Meet could get emotional, Meghana arrives and shows her something. Meanwhile, Manmeet is walking on the street alone at night while a boy follows him from behind. Manmeet senses someone’s presence, but before he can notice the boy, he hides behind the pillar. As Manmeet keeps walking, the boy takes a wooden cart and pushes Manmeet by it, and Manmeet squeals with pain and yelps backwards. Just then, the boy puts a blanket over Manmeet, but Manmeet swings the boy upside down. He notices the boy to be one of the decorators at the Sarkar Mahal when Meet comes running and stops Manmeet from beating the boy as she reveals his name to Ajay, who is in love with Jalebi. Later, Meet reveals how Meghana pulled her to hear Imarti and Jalebi’s conversation about Ajay, who came here to elope with Jalebi. However, Imarti slaps Jalebi. Meet tells Manmeet that they will pretend a scenario where Ajay kidnaps Manmeet by threatening Sarkar not to marry Jalebi. Manmeet appreciates Meet’s agility but curiously asks her why she is doing all this when nobody gave her respect. An emotional Meet reveals that she knows the pain of separation from a loved one like she experienced when Meet Ahlawat died, so she doesn’t want Yasodha and Sarkar to separate either. Meanwhile, Mahendra and Sarkar are drinking together when Mahendra says that Meet is the problem, and Sarkar states that they should kill her. The next day, Sarkar comes into the courtyard, all dressed to marry Jalebi, as he informs Mahendra on the call that Meet is nowhere to be seen and it should remain this way. Meanwhile, Shagun informs Gunwanti that she hasn’t seen Manmeet since the morning and worries about him. On the other hand, Manmeet inspects the dummy place where he has to pretend to be kidnapped and thanks Ajay for helping him. Meet uses her hand and draws bruise wounds using two types of lipsticks and a Kohl pen on Manmeet’s face. However, Manmeet gets mesmerised as Meet comes closer to him. Meet refuses Manmeet to tell Shagun about their plan. In Sarkar Mahal, Jalebi sits beside Sarkar when he announces to call Yasodha to do the ‘Gath Bandhan’. Just then, Ajay video calls Sarkar and tells him to free Jalebi since they both are lovers, otherwise, Manmeet will be harmed. Sarkar angrily asks Jalebi if this guy is her lover, and he announces that this wedding won’t happen despite Imarti’s pleadings. Sarkar says that he wants his son alive, while Meet appreciates Manmeet’s acting. Then, Manmeet asks her to go, and he asks her to be safe since Sarkar and Mahendra might have planned something against her.

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