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Meet 23 December 2022 Written Update: Meet exposes Pratap


December 25, 2022

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Meet and Ishani carry out the plan, and the truth about Neelam’s killer Pratap is exposed. Meet saves Amrita, and Anurag realises his mistake. Pratap kidnaps Ishani and threatens Meet.

In the previous episode of Meet, Anurag tells Meet why he is taking revenge on her. Meet tells him that she will find Neelam’s killer in three days. She then visits Meet Ahlawat in jail and gives the press a statement.

In the latest episode of Meet, Ishani goes to the designated place and the culprit also arrives there with a knife in his hand. He walks behind Ishani and is just about to stab her when Meet comes there and hits him with a wooden stick. The culprit falls to the ground while Meet proudly says that humans make mistakes when they are either angry or scared. She states that she did all the fake drama about the eyewitness and the press conference to lure him out. The culprit finds the opportunity to spray paper spray into Meet and Ishani’s eyes and runs away while Meet goes after her. The culprit gets stuck in coal mud when Meet comes there and starts fighting him while he hits her with the rock and again escapes. Meet and Ishani again catches the guy. They get shocked as they learn that the culprit who has come to attack the eyewitness is Neelam’s ex-boyfriend. Ishani gets shocked when Meet hits him, asking if he is the one who killed Neelam. Meet tells him that he has to confess to the police while Pratap gets hold of an empty glass bottle and breaks it while holding Ishani captive. Pratap threatens to kill Ishani and escapes from there while Ishani apologises to Meet and blames herself for Meet Ahlawat being in jail. Meet tells Ishani to reach home as she has some important work. Later, Meet goes to Anurag and tries to tell him about Pratap being the killer. However, Anurag says that he knows her truth and informs her that Pratap had come to inform him that she had tried to bribe him to accept the blame for killing Neelam. Meet leaves from there and prays in her temple while Ishani sits beside her and tells her that they will get justice. The next day, Anurag is out with Amrita when he sees a flower shop and goes to buy flowers for her. However, a bike rider hits Amrita’s wheelchair from behind. Anurag and others worry while Meet comes there at the right time and saves Amrita by pushing the wheelchair away. Anurag feels grateful as he thanks Meet for saving Amrita’s life. Meet feels apologetic as she says that Amrita ended up in a wheelchair because of her past mistakes and tells her that she is sure Anurag will keep her happy and will love her immensely. Anurag stops Meet from leaving and apologises to her while asking her if he will give her a chance to rectify his mistakes. Meet tells Anurag that she is sure Pratap is the killer while Anurag tells her that he won’t stop her from questioning Pratap in court. The next day at the court, Anurag gives a thumbs-up sign to Meet while Barfi Devi worriedly asks Anurag what is happening. Meet Ahlawat is also brought to the court while Meet calls Ishani. Pratap hits Ishani with a metal road and hides her in the car. Pratap tells Meet not to mention his name in the court and asks her to arrive at a place to save Ishani.

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