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Meet 23 August 2023 Written Update: Raunak’s demand shocks Sumeet

Akshada Bhatkar

September 7, 2023

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A mentally ill Raunak claims to be Sumeet husband. When Raunak asks Sumeet to feed him food, Sumeet comes up with a plan, leaving everyone delighted. Later, Raunak’s demand shocks Sumeet.

In the previous episode of Meet, Abhay gets enraged as his plan to kill Vani’s unborn baby fails. Raj has a misunderstanding about Priyanka. After the family celebrates the Teej festival, Shagun arrives and assigns them a new task.

In the latest episode of Meet, the Chaudhary family grows anxious about managing Raunak for seven days just as Sumeet arrives. Amidst the frustration, Sumeet overhears and queries Akash about Raunak. Raunak, already in a playful mood, bounds before Sumeet with a vermillion container, playfully indicating his intention to apply the vermillion to her hairline. As he extends his hand, Sumeet halts him. Witnessing this, Shlok’s anger boils over, leading to a violent clash with Raunak. Akash intervenes, calming Shlok by explaining his reaction is typical. Rajeev is asked to dim the lights, plunging the room into darkness, unsettling Raunak, calmed by Poonam. Akash urges Sumeet to use this moment to leave with Shlok, which she does, and they retire to their room. Despite Shlok’s protectiveness and lingering anger towards Raunak, Sumeet reassures him, sharing a warm embrace that shifts Shlok’s mood. They engage in romantic moments by candlelight, interrupted by sudden light. A withdrawn Shlok inquires about Raunak’s well-being, as Ashok and Poonam reassure him that Raunak is sleeping and being attended to. Shlok requests to join Akash and Poonam in handling Raunak, focusing on Sumeet staying out of Raunak’s sight. The following morning, Sumeet and Shlok consult the doctor, learning Raunak’s condition involves psychosis, where his imagination shapes his reality and violent tendencies may emerge if unmet. Meanwhile, at the Chaudharys’, Raunak holds Rajeev hostage, demanding Sumeet’s presence, as Anju alerts the family. Hastily, Poonam intervenes and urges Raunak to release Rajeev. During the doctor’s consultation, Shlok and Sumeet grasped the importance of handling Raunak with affection and care. Anju informs Sumeet about Rajeev’s hostage situation, prompting Sumeet to rush out with Shlok. In Shlok’s home, Raunak wields a knife, intending to play a game with Rajeev. Sumeet cleverly distracts Raunak with fruit, freeing Rajeev, who hurriedly departs. Sumeet devises a plan, using a fan to surreptitiously feed Raunak fruit, prompting laughter from the Chaudhury family. Subsequently, Sumeet consoles Shlok, who struggles to calm down, causing her concern. As she walks, Raunak pulls her into his room, revealing a love-themed setting that startles her.

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