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Meet 22 February 2023 Written Update: Manmeet prepares for the nuptial night


March 3, 2023

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Manmeet prepares to celebrate the first night with Meet. He asks Meet to agree to it or leave the house, and Meet calls Shagun. Manmeet tries to get close to Meet, who ties his hands down.

In the previous episode of Meet, Meet is shocked when Manmeet tells her that the factory papers are fake. Later, he closes the doors of the house on Meet, but she breaks the door and enters the house. Yashoda burns Meet’s clothes.

In the latest episode of Meet, Yasodha asks Gunwanti and the other ladies not to give food to Meet to see how long can Meet starve. Meet leaves the house to find something to eat while Manmeet’s sister resists her and tells her that Yasodha has asked her not to allow any woman to step out of the house. Meet decides to change Yashoda’s perception of women. On the other hand, Gunwanti tells Yasodha that she will leave the house in a few days as she cannot starve for so long. Later, Yasodha outrageously asks who let Meet have the food while Meet tells her that she ate from the plate served to God. Yasodha tries to slap Meet, but she holds her hand. Imarti calls Manmeet to show him Meet’s actions. Manmeet asks Meet to leave Yashoda’s hand while Meet gives him a fitting reply. Manmeet laughs while Yasodha goes to search for Sarkar’s sword, however, Manmeet calms her. On hearing this, Yasodha proudly appreciates Manmeet for being a true man. On the other hand, Meet enters her room, wherein she sees it all decorated with white and red flowers. Manmeet closes the door of the room and tells Meet to celebrate their night full of love and romance.

Meanwhile, Yasodha asks Imarti to go to Meet’s room with a basket of saree and jewellery to get Meet dressed for her nuptial night, while Manmeet tells Imarti to leave the basket as he has already brought a night dress for Meet. Imarti tells Manmeet that he can later make Meet wear anything of his choice but she needs to wear the saree first. On the other hand, Yasodha sends Gunwanti to the room with turmeric milk. Manmeet tries to touch Meet while Imarti asks to him complete the ritual first. Meanwhile, Meet calls Shagun and tells her about her first night with Manmeet. But Shagun asks Meet that she can enjoy her night. This leaves Meet shocked. On the other hand, Imarti leaves the room by wishing Manmeet a stroke of luck while he closes the door and forcefully touches Meet, telling her that since they are married it’s his right to celebrate the night. However, Meet pushes Manmeet and tells him that no one can touch her without her permission. Manmeet takes off the jewellery tied around Meet’s waist and throws it on the floor. But Meet binds Manmeet’s hands with it, leaving him irked.

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