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Meet 20 September 2022 Written Update: Meet Ahlawat confesses of stealing the money


September 22, 2022

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Neelam gives Meet Ahlawat the bag of money. Meet Ahlawat tells Rajvardhan in front of everyone that he had stolen it. Meet’s words anger Neelam, who attempts suicide, but Meet Ahlawat saves her.

In the previous episode of Meet, during Ganpati immersion, Meet Ahlawat gets stuck in a swamp. Meet saves him by risking her life and later tells him that Neelam had stolen the money. Meet Ahlawat’s illness saddens Rajvardhan.

In the latest episode of Meet, Rajvardhan peeps into Meet Ahlawat’s room, standing outside with moist eyes. Meet watches him glancing at Meet Ahlawat and hopes they will reunite soon. The next morning, Meet brings a cup of tea to Rajvardhan and tells him that she wants an apology for Meet Ahlawat. Meanwhile, Neelam returns all the money, and Meet Ahlawat angrily takes a bag of money from her. When Neelam asks about his behavior, he replies that every action has an equal reaction. Meet Ahlawat enters Rajvardhan’s room, where Meet is talking about forgiving him. He then returns the money to Rajvardhan, saying he is the one who had stolen the money from the office to accuse Meet. Meet Hooda, aware of the truth, tries to deny it but Rajvardhan asks her to stop defending Meet Ahlawat. Rajvardhan’s anger breaks on Meet Ahlawat for doing such an inferior act. Neelam standing behind Meet Ahlawat watches the whole incident with tears in her eyes. Meet Hooda tries to convince Meet Ahlawat to speak the truth about Neelam stealing the money but he angrily says not to utter a word against Neelam as she is his wife. Meet asks Meet Ahlawat to tell her the reason behind lying to Rajvardhan and accusing himself of the theft. On much insistence, he says that he hates her and doesn’t like to see her face and so he did this. This revelation shocks everyone sitting at the dining table. Moreover, he also hurts her by saying gets another chance to humiliate her, he will do it. Meet Ahlawat accuses Meet of making his reputation down in front of his family members. Later, Neelam is working in the kitchen while Meet comes there to investigate. Neelam boils in anger hearing Meet’s words about her and Meet Ahlawat. Neelam gets a psychic attack in her room and throws away items from her bedroom. She wraps a plastic bag on her face and holds it tight leading her to fall short of breath while Meet Ahlawat comes and saves her. She expresses her mad love to him while Meet wonders about the reason behind it. Meet Ahlawat promises Neelam and tells her that now he will never turn away from this relationship.

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