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Meet 18 August 2023 Written Update: Shagun gives the next task to Sumeet

Akshada Bhatkar

August 23, 2023

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Shagun tells Sumeet about the second task. Abhay apologises to Vani for his misbehaviour. Later, Priyanka overhears Raj and Sumeet’s phone conversation and tells Shlok about it, leaving him enraged.

In the previous episode of Meet, Sumeet comes up with a plan and wins the first task. She then hoists the flag. Shlok panics while he recalls Shagun’s actions. The next day, Shagun tells the Chaudharys about the next task.

In the latest episode of Meet, Sumeet approaches Shagun to participate in the second game but insists on seeing Akki first. Shagun promptly initiates a video call with Akki, handing the phone to Sumeet, who hears Akki’s desperate cries for help. However, Shagun snatches the phone away, blindfolding Sumeet.
Shagun reveals her awareness of the saffron essence plan, acquired from a member of Shlok’s family. She removes Sumeet’s blindfold and challenges her to uncover the traitor within Shlok’s family, asserting that denying the truth will hinder her chances of winning. Back at Vaani’s, Abhay reluctantly reconciles under Masoom’s instruction, though doubts linger. In Hell House, Shagun instructs Sumeet to identify the traitor, emphasizing the consequences of denial and reminding her of Akki’s vulnerability. Sumeet counters that Shagun aims to turn her against the Chowdhury family. Shagun, using Akki as leverage, pressures Sumeet. Sumeet is given 24 hours to find the traitor. At Raj’s, Sumeet confides her confusion about Shagun’s game. Raj advises her to remain neutral and act swiftly to avoid complications. Priyanka, misunderstanding Sumeet’s intentions, adds tension. Elsewhere, Abhay remembers the doctor’s suggestion to end the baby’s life for marital harmony. At Chowdhury’s, preparations for Teej are underway. Dadi excitedly marks it as Sumeet’s first Teej. Amidst family support, Sumeet is confronted by Priyanka’s taunts. The family questions her suspicions, with Shlok defending his family passionately. Shlok’s emotional outburst leaves Sumeet teary-eyed. Shagun applauds herself for manipulating Sumeet. Later, Shlok urges Sumeet to avoid playing the game, leaving her conflicted once again.

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