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Meet 17 August 2023 Written Update: Sumeet wins the first task

Akshada Bhatkar

August 23, 2023

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Sumeet comes up with a plan and wins the first task. She then hoists the flag. Shlok panics while he recalls Shagun’s actions. The next day, Shagun tells the Chaudharys about the next task.

In the previous episode of Meet, the family saves Myra from an electric shock. As a result, Sumeet suggests a plan to everyone and urges them to unite and defeat Shagun. However, Shagun foils Sumeet’s ploy, putting her in a dilemma.

In the latest episode of Meet, Shagun informs Sumeet that she has just six minutes to beat the drum, otherwise, her goons will harm those inside the Nagada. Shlok shouts for Sumeet to stop, while Sumeet draws strength from memories of Akki’s tears. Shagun senses Sumeet’s plan and tries to distract her, reminding her of the time left. Sumeet spots a spotlight on the task area and realizes she can use it to identify the empty drum. She explains that the light will cast a shadow of a person in the drum, helping her find the empty one. Sumeet rushes to the stairs and starts adjusting the light to shine on the drums. Shagun is puzzled by Sumeet’s strategy. Sumeet carefully analyzes the shadows in each drum. Eventually, she identifies the drum with no shadow, but while descending the stairs, she falls and gets hurt. Shagun begins a countdown, urging Sumeet to hurry. With seconds left, Sumeet summons her strength and starts playing the drum, infuriating Shagun. Sumeet celebrates her victory, asking Shagun to release her family. The family gathers around Shagun, applauding, while Sumeet continues playing the drum. She emphasizes that their victory represents truth and upbringing prevailing over Shagun’s deceitful tactics. Sumeet’s family heads to the flag, and Sumeet hoists it with pride. Shagun begrudgingly salutes the flag. At home, Rajeev expresses joy and offers sweets, while Poonam worries about Shagun’s next move. Anju expresses concern for Akki, but Sumeet conceals the truth. Sumeet questions Poonam’s sadness, leading to an argument. Meanwhile, Shlok faces an anxiety attack, dousing himself with water as Poonam rushes to help. Raj finds a bouquet of roses and misunderstands Priyanka’s intention. Shagun introduces a weighing scale to measure their victories and losses.

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