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Meet 17 August 2023 Upcoming Story: Shagun tells Sumeet about the next task

Akshada Bhatkar

August 23, 2023

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Sumeet wins the first task and hoists the flag. Later, Shagun tells Sumeet about the second task. Watch the episode before its TV telecast only on ZEE5. Subscribe now!

In the next episode of Meet, Shagun promptly blindfolds Summet. Shagun opens up about knowing her plan about the saffron essence through a member of Shlok’s family. Shagun tells Sumeet not to deny herself the truth, forcing her to find the traitor in Shlok’s family for her second task. Stressing that denying the truth will diminish her chances of winning the game, Shagun compels Sumeet to find the traitor. Despite Sumeet’s assertion that no one in her family would collude, Shagun reminds her that this is her second task and she must complete it.

In the previous episode of Meet, Sumeet paces anxiously, Shagun’s hurtful words and treatment of Akki replaying in her mind. She seeks divine guidance to earn Shlok’s family’s trust, hoping for victory over Shagun’s schemes. Rajeev trips, splashing water, revealing a dangerous wire. Myra is in danger. Sumeet rushes in with Dadi and others. They stop the water flow, and Shlok places bricks, saving Myra. Sumeet, with unity as her lesson, suggests a plan. Saffron scents unite them. Sumeet applies tilak, boosting confidence. Abhay doubts Vaani due to the doctor’s words. Vaani plans to expose Shagun. Shagun taunts Chaudharys, but they resist. Shagun ties up Chaudharys and leaves Shlok untied. Sumeet faces ten drum challenge, with family’s support. Abhay rejects their baby, hurting Vaani. Shagun orders Sumeet to beat the drums to free Shlok. Sumeet hesitates, and Shagun pressures her with time.

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