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Meet 15 December 2022 Written Update: Chaya Blackmails Masoom and Ishani

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December 17, 2022

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Meet Ahlawat stops Barfi Devi from slapping Babita. Meet tells Babita and Rajvardhan the truth. Barfi Devi holds a party. Chhaya brings Masoom and Ishani there and blackmails them to dance.

In the previous episode of Meet, Meet and Meet Ahlawat meet Barfi Devi in ​​disguises. Barfi Devi tortures Babita. Meet and Meet Ahlawat are glad as their plan works well. Both are surprised to see Rajvardhan and Babita as servants.

In the latest episode of Meet, Babita brings water for Meet and Meet Ahlawat while they act like the queen and her manager who have come to buy the house. Babita tumbles and mistakenly spills water on the Queen’s dress. An enraged Barfi Devi stands up and shouts at Babita, making both Meet and Meet Ahlawat angry. Despite Babita apologising for making a mistake, Barfi Devi says she is irresponsible and goes to slap her. However, Meet Ahlawat stops her and says that the Queen will punish the wrongdoer by herself. A disguised Meet Ahlawat brings a whip and hands it to the Queen, who announces that she wants to beat Babita in private. Rajvardhan and Babita follow the Queen upstairs while asking for her mercy. Meanwhile, Masoom and Ishani reach Chaya’s workplace and ask the receptionist to let them meet her. The receptionist asks them to go inside the room and signals a man sitting by to follow them. Masoom and Ishani get into the room and spot Chaya teaching a bunch of girls to dance. As they begin to leave the room, Chaya stops them and tells Masoom and Ishani about the opportunity to earn lakhs in one night. Masoom warns Chaya how she can insult them like that and tries to get out of that room, but the man stops them by showing a knife. Chaya asks them to follow their orders if they do not want their profiles to get viral as prostitutes. On the other hand, Ram tells Ragini that she should refuse her brother’s invitation to go abroad.
Ragini makes it clear that she is living there only because of the family and Meet as she is the one who is helping them. At the Ahlawat House, Meet reveals her identity to Rajvardhan and Babita and asks them to cooperate with them in their plan. Barfi Devi eavesdrops at the door and hears Babita’s screams, which makes her smile in satisfaction. Later, Barfi Devi asks Meet to beat Babita with the whip once in front of her but Meet intentionally flings the whip at her. At night, the party starts to celebrate the new owner of the house, in which Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat appear as the main stars. Barfi Devi stops signing the papers at the end moment and tells the Queen that they should see the special performance first that she has prepared. A lady brings Masoom and Ishani to the house blindfolded and orders them to dance at the function inside. Masoom and Ishani get shocked to see themselves standing in front of the Ahlawat household.

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