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Meet 13 February 2023 Upcoming Story: Manmeet asks Meet to get Shagun ready for their wedding


February 17, 2023

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Babita asks Meet to be careful. Later, Manmeet asks Meet to get Shagun ready and bring her to the mandap. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the next episode, Babita asks Meet to be careful. Meet walks back into Sarkar House while Yasodha gets irked to see her face. Meet looks excited as she holds her stole. Sarkar tells her that if she wants to be the daughter-in-law of this family, then she has to follow strict rules like the other women of this household. Meet gives him a gregarious smile and nods immediately, saying she agrees to all terms. Manmeet tells Meet that he wants her to dress Shagun up in a beautiful bridal makeover as he is going to get married to her. Shagun smiles at Manmeet while Meet internally says that she is here to ruin Manmeet’s life, not add glamour to it. Still faking a smile on the outside, Meet feels confident about herself.

In the previous episode of Meet, Sarkar tells his family to celebrate Meet’s loss and Shagun and Manmeet’s wedding. Meet, dressed as a bride, sits inside a carriage, and asks them if they will not welcome her. Meet gets out of her carriage and begins to dance to a song, while the Sangwan family looks at the spectacles in stunned silence. Manmeet tries to take Meet out of the house, but she stops him, saying she understands that he wants her to take everyone’s blessings. Rajvardhan arrives and tells Manmeet that Meet will live with them from now on. On hearing this, Yashoda gets shocked. Manmeet tries to stop her, but she refuses to leave. Babita tells Meet that her mother-in-law will not accept her until she feeds her ‘Khichdi’. She tells Yasodha that Meet has won her heart by feeding this ‘Khichdi’ to her. Babita also assures Yashoda that Meet will become her best friend. As Meet moves forward to feed a bite of ‘Khichdi’ she has brought from home, Yasodha refuses to eat and moves away. After convincing Yashoda, Manmeet stops Meet and takes the bowl from Meet and tosses it, but Meet holds it. In the meantime, Meet stops Yasodha and sits on her lap to feed her while everyone watches in amazement. Meet stamps on Yasoda’s feet, forcing her to open her mouth. The moment Yasoda’s mouth opens, Meet feeds her many spoons full of ‘Khichdi’. Later, Meet tells everyone that Yasoda has finally accepted her.

What will happen next?

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