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Meet 10 August 2023 Written Update: Shagun evicts the Chaudharys from their house

Akshada Bhatkar

August 18, 2023

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Shagun tells Masoom that she will not let Abhay and Vani enter her house. Shagun evicts Shlok’s entire family from Chaudhary Niwas and takes possession of it. She also tortures the Chaudhary family.

In the previous episode of Meet, Shlok stops Poonam from telling Sumeet about his sacrifice. But Sumeet decides to discover Shlok’s secret. Later, Sumeet performs her ‘Griha Pravesh’ rituals. She asks Shlok to sing a song for her.

In the latest episode of Meet, during a family dinner, tensions brew as Shlok’s anger towards his mother and Sumeet’s contemplation of Poonam’s cryptic remarks create an uneasy atmosphere. Dadi’s attempts to uncover the truth remain fruitless, as she holds Sumeet dear and paints a rosy picture of her for Shlok. Across the divide, Masoom’s fury intensifies against Shagun, as her daughter and son-in-law face eviction due to property disputes. Shagun’s malevolent entrance dismisses Masoom’s offer of more money for her daughter’s return, revealing her intention to make Vani’s life even more miserable and blaming Sumeet. Despite Masoom’s dejected return and revelation of her plans to Vani, the blame for their misery falls on Sumeet, fueling the desire for revenge. Amidst the family gathering, Shagun and her henchmen dramatically disrupt proceedings, claiming ownership of the house with registration papers. Dadi disputes this, citing her husband’s division of property among his sons. Shlok’s search proves fruitless, and Shagun’s taunts imply gambling of the papers. In the midst of the tension, Sumeet questions Shagun’s son’s mental asylum, attempting to provoke Poonam, who is blamed for the family’s misfortune. Shagun orders her henchmen to expel everyone, while Sumeet’s plan to retrieve copies from the registrar’s office falls through due to Shagun’s manipulation. The family is herded onto the verandah as Shagun demands their jewelry, snatching Badi Maa’s earring and forcing them to remove their ornaments. Amidst the turmoil, Shagun claims the bangles as financial insurance for Shlok’s family. Dadi intervenes as Shagun seizes Poonam’s mangalsutra, cursing her, and incites a confrontation. As chaos erupts and Shagun’s malevolence intensifies, Sumeet defends Dadi, and the family rebels against Shagun’s tyranny. Pushed outside, the shocking turn of events leaves them bewildered. Shagun emerges from the house, revealing her control over the store and their futile attempts. Poonam advises against involving Raj and, in the wake of Shagun’s ruthless actions, the family grapples with their shattered world. As Shagun repeats her intentions, Poonam stands firm in her conviction, unwilling to let Sumeet’s wealth dictate their decisions, as the aftermath of her actions unfolds.

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