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Meet 08 December 2022 Written Update: Barfi Devi’s revelation shocks the Ahlawats

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December 10, 2022

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Ragini explains the reason behind her silence. Ram attempts suicide but Meet arrives in time. He apologises to Ragini and Ishani. Barfi Devi reveals to the Ahlawats that she owns their property.

In the previous episode of Meet, Ram lashes out at Ragini after reading the newspaper. He tries to oust Ishani and Ragini from the house. Ishani reveals to everyone that she is Ram’s daughter and shows them her mother’s video.

In the latest episode of Meet, Meet stands up for Ragini and says that she does not think Ragini lied to humiliate him in the future. She says that Ragini has kept the threads of relationships tight as a knot and has not let them loose even in the hardest times of their lives. Ragini tells that she was shocked to learn that the man she loved her entire life had a child with someone else when Ishani showed her the video. Revealing her emotions and pain, Ragini tells the Ahlawat family that she wanted to give Ram a second chance by telling him that Ishani is her daughter. She states that she knew Ram would get angry but expected him to forgive her. Ragini becomes silent while Rajvardhan speaks up saying that Ram did not forgive her and instead made it a big thing by taunting Ragini. Rajvardhan and Babita both go to Ram and scold him, saying that he forgot his relationship with Ishani’s biological mother but became enraged when Ragini claimed she had another child. Meet reveals that she saw Ragini crying alone and tells him that he should have at least gone to her and asked about her. The family supports Ragini and takes her to her room while Ram goes to his room and cries, recalling all the taunts he gave to Ragini. He apologises to Ragini and tries to commit suicide. However, Meet arrives and stops him while the rest of the family also comes there. Meet tells Ram to not make a mistake again and see how Ragini took the blame on herself to keep their relationship. Following that, Ram goes in front of Ragini and Ishani with folded hands as he apologises to them and asks for forgiveness.
Ragini turns away from him while Meet goes to her and wipes away her tears. Ragini hugs Meet to let out her tears while Ram begs Ishani to give him a chance and let him call her his daughter. Ishani finally lets go of her hatred for him and hugs him while crying. Later at night, Meet and Meet Ahlawat and share their feeling about the family with each other. Meet Ahlawat apologises to Meet for hurting her so many times and blaming her for the death of their child. He gets on his knees as he tells her that he will keep on apologising to her for the rest of her life and that it is her choice whether she will forgive him or not. The next day, Meet does the puja while Barfi Devi comes there with her lawyer. Meet tells her that she should leave before anyone kicks her out, while Barfi Devi sits on the sofa. Further, the family arrives and Barfi Devi gives them a housewarming invitation, which has her name and the Ahlawat mansion’s address in it. The family gets confused and angry when Barfi Devi tells them not only the mansion, but the Ahlawat family’s industries, office, assets and everything belongs to her now.

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