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Meet 05 January 2022 Written Update: Meet and Meet Ahlawat’s Plan to save everyone


January 9, 2023

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Meet Ahlawat comforts Meet, puts a ‘mangalsutra’ around her neck and applies vermilion on her forehead. They plan to save everyone by breaking a hospital wall. A terrorist catches them executing it.

In the previous episode of Meet, the leader of the terrorists asks people to shoot Meet, but no one agrees. Meet Ahlawat steps forward and says that he will kill Meet. He later shoots Meet in front of everyone.

In the latest episode of Meet, Meet hugs Meet Ahlawat while scolding him for coming to the hospital. She shows Meet Ahlawat her broken ‘Mangalsutra’ and her empty hairline. Meet Ahlawat makes her sit and tells her that they are connected through their souls and do not need these things to show their love for each other. At the same time, Rajvardhan sees the video of Meet on the news channel and gets worried when Babita comes there. Rajvardhan turns off the TV immediately and distracts her by saying that he wants her special tea. He thinks to hide the TV remote. However, Ram comes there and reveals that the video of Meet has gone viral. He suggests telling everyone the truth, while Raj refuses to state that he trusts his son to accomplish the mission. Back at the hospital, the Chief sends his goons to check on the ward boy and see if he is not doing anything unusual. Meanwhile, Meet Ahlawat pulls out explosives and the hospital map from his map as he gives it to Meet and tells her their plan. Meet Ahlawat tells her that they have to break the thin walls of the hospital to help the captives escape from there. Just then, the terrorist lady comes there and shouts at Meet Ahlawat to come out. He apologises to Meet and leaves while Meet starts going through the map. On the other hand, the Chief gets angry at the doctor since the Commander still hasn’t woken up while Meet Ahlawat interrupts him and says that they should pray for the Commander. Meet looks on from afar while Meet Ahlawat tells the Chief that he will talk to all the hostages and will convince them to pray for the Commander too. Meet Ahlawat gives all the hostages metal utensils and tells them to pray for the Commander, while Meet goes to room 4A where the wall is thin. Chanda does not oblige with Meet Ahlawat while he whispers to her that they should make enough noise that the terrorists cannot hear Meet breaking the wall. Chanda gets happy as she realizes that Meet is alive and starts banging the utensils loudly. Meet Ahlawat continues sending hostages to help Meet and goes himself afterwards. However, the Chief notices Meet Ahlawat going and sends another terrorist after him. Meet gets shocked to see Meet Ahlawat when he tells her that he brought tools for her. Just then, the terrorist comes forward and points his gun at them while ordering Meet to tie the four hostages, who were helping them. Afterwards, Meet and Meet Ahlawat tie their own hands while the terrorist laughs, saying that he will get the reward once he takes them to the Chief. However, while on their way to the main hall, Meet Ahlawat halts the terrorist by putting on an act and hits him with the decorative piece.

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