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Meet 01 December 2022 Written Update: Meet’s conspiracy against Neelam

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December 9, 2022

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Meet Ahlawat loses his eyesight. As suggested by Meet, the family hatches a ploy against Neelam, which leaves the latter furious. Meet prepares Meet Ahlawat for the next phase of the ploy.

In the previous episode of Meet, Meet asks Nirmal for the name of the poison, but he dies of a poison given by Neelam. Ishani tells Meet that Neelam was not molested and she is pregnant with Pratap’s child. Meet informs the family about it.

In the latest episode of Meet, Meet says Neelam has played many games with the whole Ahlawat family, and now it is time for them to pay her back. She decides to make a trap that will force Neelam to reveal the name of the poison. Meet Ahlawat smiles at Meet, saying that he trusts her when suddenly his vision gets blurry and goes away. Meet Ahlawat starts panicking as he shouts that he cannot see anything. The family members try to calm him while keeping their intrusive thoughts at bay, fearing that the poison has started spreading in Meet Ahlawat’s body. Meet wipes her tears as she says that they will play with Neelam’s brain and will get the truth about the poison out of her. The next day, Neelam is meditating while Meet Hooda comes there and starts packing her bags, saying that the people from the mental institute will be coming to take her at any time. Neelam questions Meet, who tells her that the anecdote that the doctor had given Meet Ahlawat is working and that Meet Ahlawat is getting fine. She leaves telling Neelam to pack her bags as she wants to spend some time alone with Meet Ahlawat. Neelam follows Meet into the Ahlawat house, where the whole family is planning on how to celebrate Meet Ahlawat getting his health back. Sunaina comes there and tells the family members that she saw Meet and Meet Ahlawat being busy romancing, and she left them alone. Neelam goes upstairs and sees Meet and Meet Ahlawat dancing which boils her blood. She goes to her room and angrily breaks the mirror, saying Meet will very soon wear the white saree mourning his death.
On the other hand, the Ahlawat family gathers in the living room as Meet tells them that for the next step, Meet Ahlawat will have to get used to doing all the daily routines that he used to do when he still had his vision.
Further, Meet, Ishani, and Masoom train Meet Ahlawat by making him memorize who will sit where. On the other hand, Babita and Rajvardhan intentionally talk about Meet Ahlawat sitting with them for breakfast. Neelam follows them inside while the family gathers in the living room and talks about the party. Meet comes there and jokes about Meet Ahlawat being too engrossed in different types of creams while looking at Neelam through the corner of her eyes. Just then, Meet Ahlawat appears at the top of the stairs as he tells Meet that it is called self-care.

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