Mazya Navryachi Baiko’s Yashwant Or Vasantrao: Who’s Parenting Style Do You Like More?

Yashwant Banhatti and Vasantrao Subhedar, both the fathers from Mazya Navryachi Bayko have hit a rough patch with their respective sons. Both the fathers have a very different parenting style. So who’s parenting approach do you prefer?

Tanvi Dhote

November 23, 2020


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Mazya Navryachi Baiko‘s Yashwant and Vasantrao are both dealing with some personal issues with their respective sons. Ardent fans who have been following the show would be well aware of how both the fathers have gone through a rough patch in their respective relationships. Both Vasantrao and Yashwant share a different parenting approach and style. But who’s parent style do you agree with more?

1. When Vasantrao broke all his ties with Gurunath

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Gurunath’s affair left all of his family members. Apart from Radhika, Vasantrao, Gurunath’s father was utterly devastated by his behaviour. His devastation resulted in him breaking off his relationship with his only son. He even made sure that his wife, Sarita, Gurunath’s mother stops talking to him.

2. Yashwant stops talking to Soumitra

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Yashwant is disappointed in his son after learning about the issues going between him and Maya. He eventually stops talking to him. But keeps a close eye on the situation. Even though he is concerned about Soumitra, he does not talk to him.

3. When Vasantrao stormed the office

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Vasantrao’s anger towards his son was openly displayed when he stormed the SB Company office with Nana. He and Nana reached the voice to beat up Gurunath. He advises Yashwant to not believe Gurunath even for a second and consider his wrongdoings before offering him the position of the CEO.

4. Yashwant tries to calm Vasantrao

When Vasantrao storms the SB Company office, Yashwant tries to handle the situation and do some damage control. This time, both the fathers are facing each and both of their parenting styles are presented in the same frame. Since Vasantrao still tries to warn everybody about Gurunath, a scandal emerges and hence Yashwant requests Guruath father to leave the office.

5. Yashwant apologises to Soumitra

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When Yashwant finally realises his mistake he makes sure to apologise to his son. His apology is stated in clear words and does not leave any space for suspicion. He even listens to Soumitra carefully when explains that Gurunath is the key controller of Maya’s behaviour and actions.

6. When Vasantrao lashed out at Sarita

Vasantrao’s relationship with his son, Gurunath is not healing anytime. When Sarita secretly goes to Guru’s house for a puja, hr absence makes everybody in the house worried. The moment she enters the house, Radhika realises that her mother-in-law visited her ex-husband’s place. This pisses Vasantrao and he asks Sarita to move out of the house immediately and start living with her son.

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