Mazya Navryachi Baiko Ladies Prove That Age Is Just A Number

The actors of the TV show including Anita Date and Shweta Mehendale put their best foot forward in the party ensembles.

Manjiri Shete

January 19, 2019


2 min


Every time our favourite actors get their party hat on, we witness amazing style statements. Obviously, when the stars of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko put their best fashion foot forward in the Western attires, we broke into a happy dance

You can see them play their parts in Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

In the photo posted by Anita Date, the actresses like Shweta Mehendale, Prajakta Datar, Aditi Dravid and Chitra Khare are seen posing during the evening party. As Anita opted for a white silk skirt, our eyes were fixed on Shweta’s bold fashion choice- a striking neon green jacket. Meanwhile, Prajakta Datar and Aditi Dravid wore red and baby pink dresses respectively. This look came as a surprise to us, as we are used to watching Anita being an ambitious entrepreneur who is always draped in a saree, onscreen.

The only person missing amongst them was Isha Keskar who plays Shanaya. Our best guess is since Radhika is partying, Shanaya found her opportunity to spend alone time with Gurunath.

In place of Shanaya, can we be a part of their squad? We hope they accept our request. Wish us luck and do tell us your thoughts about this mini-reunion!

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