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Mazhya Navryachi Bayko: Why Maya Can Actually Work Better With Kedya Than Gurunath!

Vaishnavi Navalkar

January 3, 2021

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Gurunath and Maya think of themselves as a dream team but Kedya and Maya can actually work better than Guru and Maya, here’s why.

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko’s Gurunath and Maya think of themselves as a dream team when it comes to making Radhika, Saumitra and Shanaya’s life difficult. The two only want one thing in life and that is Radhika’s ₹300 crores worth company. They can go to any extent to achieve their only goal in life but however, they end up being disappointed and fail in their one too many antics. However, we all have seen that Kedya’s solutions have proven to be beneficial for Gurunath and he always listens to the former. Similarly, Maya is also smart enough to understand the situation and act accordingly, which is why Kedya and Maya can make a better team than Gurunath and Maya.

Kedya has always been Gurunath’s great advisor and his ‘Guru’ when it comes to wooing Shanaya or acting wisely in convincing Radhika for anything. It was Kedya who advised Gurunath to get back to Shanaya when she became the CEO of Radhika Masale. He advised Gurunath to leave Maya and woo Shanaya for his benefit. However, that plan failed since Radhika is ten times smarter than them and was able to guess their next move beforehand.

Earlier, Maya was against Gurunath and saw him as a fraud but the tables turned when Radhika was made the head of SB Group of Companies. She started plotting against Radhika and tried to intoxicate Saumitra to blackmail Radhika and make her work according to her. However, that failed because Gurunath came in between and Radhika got to know about their plan.

Overall, Maya is smart and makes the right decision at the right time while Kedya thinks in all ways and would give her a reality check. If at all Maya decides to team up with Kedya, Radhika and gang would be less suspicious about her next plans. And now with the fact that Kedya has a crush on Maya only makes us yearn for them to come together.

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