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Mazhya Navryachi Bayko: Radhika Helps Shanaya Get Her Job Back, Here Are Things That Might Go Wrong At Atrangi Radio Station

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November 20, 2020

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In the latest episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, Shanaya receives a call from RJ Shruti who rebukes her for missing work and not picking up calls.

In Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, Rasika Sunil’s interesting character Shanaya has changed immensely over the course of last few years. From a careless and snobbish girl to a strong and independent woman, Shanaya has definitely changed for the better. On the show currently, Shanaya has become the head of Radhika Masale as well as a secret Radio Jockey at Atrangi Radio Station. However, juggling between two jobs has not exactly been a cakewalk for her as she has now landed in trouble at the radio station.

Watch the latest episode of Mazhya Navryachi Baiko here:

In the latest episode, Shanaya receives a call from RJ Shruti who rebukes her for missing work and not picking up calls. A furious Shruti then fires Shanaya from the role of Bindu Rani and calls her to the office for canceling the contract. When Radhika learns of this, she agrees to help Shanaya get her job back. Here are a few things that can go wrong with their plan:

1. Radhika might fail to convince RJ Shruti

RJ Shurti was extremely furious at Shanaya for missing out on a lot of work and for not picking up her calls. As Shanaya was busy with her other job at Radhika Masale, she could not give enough time and attention to her job at Atrangi Radio Station. Due to this, a furious Shruti fired her and it may happen that Radhika is not able to calm her down and talk her into giving Shanaya her job back.

2. Atrangi Radio might rebuke Shanaya for breaking the contract 

When Shanaya first got this job as RJ Bindu Rani, she signed a contract that explicitly stated that her real identity must not be revealed to anybody. However, now that Radhika and Soumitra know that Shanaya is only RJ Bindu Rani, Atrangi Radio Station might not take her back on the grounds of contract breaching.

3. RJ Shruti’s challenges might come in the way

Initially, RJ Shurti would pose Shanaya with a lot of challenges so that Shanaya could prove herself as a worthy and competent Radio Jockey. Now that she landed herself in Shruti’s bad books, it may happen that she gives Shanaya a really difficult challenge or a couple of challenges before taking her back as RJ Bindu Rani.

4. Radio Station finds another RJ

Replacement of Shanaya as RJ Bindu Rani has already been found by the Radio Station. It is possible that with a new replacement, Shanaya’s importance might decrease there and she may not be able to get her job back because of the same.

5. The tough juggle might continue 

Let’s say that in the best case scenario (for Shanaya), Radhika and Shanaya are successful in getting the latter’s job back but this does not mean she’ll leave Radhika Masale. It may happen that even after getting the job back, she is unable to juggle between the two jobs and ends up getting fired again. What do you think will happen then?

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