Mazhya Navryachi Bayko: Is Radhika And Gurunath’s Fight Over Radhika Masale A Battle Of Egos Or A Run For Money?

Gurunath wants revenge against his wife, but is it only about financial support or does Gurunath want more?

Ankita Tiwari

August 1, 2020


2 min


Mazhya Navryachi Bayko‘s Gurunath and Radhika have waged a war against each other. Anita Date, Abhijeet Khandkekar, and Rasika Sunil’s show has recently welcomed the original Shanaya (Rasika Sunil) recently after a two-year-long hiatus. But this is not the only surprise factor! Radhika and Gurunath’s war is finally turning to the climax. It started about two years ago when the meek Radhika became an extraordinary entrepreneur and decided to become an independent woman. She also dumped her selfish and reckless husband who was having an affair with Shanaya.

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Gurunath was humiliated and beaten up by the women of Radhika’s firm and her supporters. Gurunath married Shanaya but the thirst for revenge did not leave his soul. Gurunath had impressed Radhika and married her in college when all the other men including Saumitra vied for her attention. After her divorce from Gurunath, Radhika married Saumitra and received all the happiness. She also received the respect and appreciation that she deserved. But this did not go well with Gurunath. First of all, he lost all his financial support and Shanaya too was fired from her job!

A Still From Mazhya Navryachi Bayko
Source: Zee
A Still From Mazhya Navryachi Bayko (31)
Source: ZEE5

This is exactly why we think that Gurunath’s war against Radhika is not only because he wants the riches. Gurunath also wants everything that Radhika snatched from him. He wants to become the head of Radhika Masale so that he can show down Radhika and prove himself as better. He is also a conniving monster who did wrong to Radhika but still feels that it is he who deserves better treatment.

Isn’t Gurunath getting on your nerves too? Watch Mazhya Navryachi Bayko see how Radhika takes Gurunath down!

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