Mazhya Navryachi Bayko: Here Is Why We Are Rooting For Shanaya And Shreyas To Get Together

With Gurunath out of the way, Shanaya deserves a second chance at love, and here is why we’re rooting for Shreyas and Shanaya

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November 24, 2020



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Zee Marathi’s Mazhya Navryachi Bayko has always been popular with its interesting storyline which has a very different take on love. As Gurunath is now involved with Maya, Shanaya is very much single and deserves a second chance at love. On that note, here is why we think Shreyas would be a perfect match for her.

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1. Shreyas is helpful to Shanaya

Remember the time when Shayana would give all her work to Shreyas? Initially, on the show, Shreyas was shown to be a naive man who would always be at Shanaya’s beck and call. She would assign him all her work and he would happily get it done for her.

2. Shreyas’ selfless nature

Even when Shanaya was with Gurunath, Shreyas never stopped rooting for her. He did not care whether she was with someone else or not, he only cared about being there for Shanaya and helping her with whatever she needed with work or personal life.

His care and concern for Shanaya and the way he selflessly helped her is why we think he would be perfect for her.

3. Complimenting personalities

While Shreyas is a calm and collected man, Shanaya on the other hand is bubbly and quirky. As they say, opposites attract and we think that the different personalities of  Shreyas and Shanaya would definitely make them an adorable couple.

4. Shreyas is dependable

Shreyas has proved on multiple occasions that he is quite dependable and trustworthy. After being with someone like Gurunath, Shanaya definitely needs someone whom she can rely on and trust which is why we’re totally shipping them.

5. Shreyas jealous over Shanaya?

When Shreyas overhears Shanaya and Gurunath’s conversation, he presumes it to be of romantic nature and gets angry at Shanaya. He shouts at her for breaking everyone’s trust and we can’t help but wonder if there might be a slight hint of jealousy here. It is evident that he still has a soft corner for her and we’re just hoping for them to get together already!

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