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Mazhya Navryachi Bayko: As The Show Nears Its End, A Quick Glance At Some Memorable Characters

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March 3, 2021

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With Radhika’s life, we see so much struggle, yet there are characters who have been so memorable on the show that we will surely miss them when the show ends! Take a look at these sweet people!

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko has made viewers inch closer to their TVs since the launch of the show due to its stellar cast and its fresh storyline. It is uncommon for a show to focus on a housewife that has been cheated on and her journey to success, healing and even finding love again. With Radhika’s life, we see so much struggle, yet there are characters who have been so memorable on the show that we will surely miss them when the show ends! Take a look at these sweet people!


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Shanaya who was actually the “homewrecker” for Radhika, was just a young girl who was naive and in love. She did not choose the right person to fall in love with and was cheated by Gurunath. She joined forces with Radhika and made viewers see a different take on friendships between two women! In Radhika’s company we see Shanaya transform into a strong and confident young woman who has been hurt before, so she knows what she wants and she will fight for it. Rasika Sunil, the actress who plays Shanaya’s role definitely got a lot of love for this one!


We all love Saumitra and there all only two reasons: he’s dependable and he’s funny! Saumitra’s smile just lights up any room he walks in. He is not only a great friend but is also a great husband to Radhika. He loves her truly and has always been patient and understanding with her. He knows that relationships take time to build and wants to make strong bonds. He is a jolly guy with a deep heart and a great soul and we love the fact that Radhika found someone like him after all the pain she dealt with, with Gurunath. We will surely miss Saumitra!


Shreyas has always been around to help Radhika and Shanaya. He is a sweet, calm and righteous guy and that is what makes him special. He has got the worst luck in the love department though. First, he had a crush on Shanaya for the longest time, but she got married to Kunal and now we see him harbouring feeling for Maya! Maya pushes him to be more vocal and confident and we like this Shreyas so much! We hope that he can find the courage to confess to Maya and get the happy ending he deserves!


Mazhya Navryachi Bayko
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When Maya first entered the show, she was a confident working woman who was extremely professional but when she met Gurunath and fell in love with him, her character was not in the good books of viewers. We’ve seen a lot of changes in her character and eventually, Maya realises how bad Gurunath is and sheds light on his misdoings. She is no longer in love with Gurunath and supports what’s right while being professional, and we love it. Her character was surprisingly endearing because she is tough on the outside but does have great ideals of relationships and love. We hope she sees the love Shreyas has for her and ends up with someone great like him!

Vasantrao and Sarita

Being Radhika’s in-laws and Gurunath’s parents, one would assume that these two would be rude and extremely patronizing to Radhika because this is how most tv shows go, but this couple is extremely adorable! They love Radhika like their own daughter and have always supported her! Even after she leaves Gurunath and they know of Saumitra’s feelings for Radhika, they are the ones that inspire Saumitra to go and confess to Radhika. Sarita always gives her blessings to Radhika and even helps her move on from Gurunath to Saumitra. Vasantrao too cares for Radhika like his own daughter and we see that even in the latest episode when he comes to the village to stop Gurunath from creating more problems for Radhika, he even denounces Gurunath as his son and says that they only have one child and that is Radhika! Aren’t they just goals?

We hope to see all these characters happy, including Radhika as the show ends soon! While these are our choices, who is your most favourite character from the show?

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