Mazhya Navryachi Bayko: After Getting Caught By Maya And Vasantrao, Things Gurunath Can Do To Stay In The House

If Gurunath is so desperate to stay there, he must make sure that Vasantrao cannot help but let him stay there.

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February 26, 2021



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In the latest episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, we see that Vasantrao is sceptical about Gurunath and thinks he is acting. He wants Gurunath to leave the house. He and Sarita come to Radhika’s place in the village solely to stop Gurunath from creating any more problems for Radhika. The next day, Gurunath takes his suitcase and steps out of the house. Shreyas and Maya, who are working out, watch him leave.

Gurunath keeps up his act with Shreyas and Maya by addressing them as Atharva and his friend. He later acts like he is leaving but does not want to admit defeat and stays back. He decides to hide in Maya’s room and sneaks into her room before anyone notices him, but Maya smells his perfume and sees him in the reflection of the mirror.

She immediately goes to the living room where everyone is busy having breakfast and tells them what she saw. Vasantrao and Radhika hurry to Maya’s room and pull out a hidden Gurunath. Gurunath again behaves like he has gone mad and tries to get out of it.

In the coming episode, we might see Gurunath appealing to his mother, who clearly thinks that he has gone mad, and her trying to convince Vasantrao from throwing him out of the house. If Gurunath is so desperate to stay there, he must make sure that Vasantrao cannot help but let him stay there. We think that Gurunath could purposely harm himself or create a situation in which his life could be in danger to create pity and worry among everyone. He knows that Radhika and everyone around her are good people at heart and they will never not do something to help a person. Gurunath could take advantage of their kindness.

If he does happen to get kicked out, he could take Gotya Seth’s help to find an accommodation very close to Radhika and keep visiting the house and blaming it on his illness. Gurunath could also start behaving like his mental illness is getting worse and this could make the Radhika Masale team more apprehensive about letting him go!

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