Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 30 October 2020 Written Update: Shanaya Tells Gurunath To Impress Her Again

In this episode, Gurunath surprises Shanaya with gifts. Shanaya tells him to impress her again.

Riddhi Adsul

October 29, 2020


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In the latest episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, Radhika and Soumitra return back home after listening to Shanaya’s announcement on Atrangi Radio. They see Jenny sitting alone. A worried Radhika asks her if she is hungry. Jenny tells Radhika and Soumitra about the new show Bindu Rani. They get shocked. Jenny says she imagined Shanaya as Bindu Rani, this surprises them even more. Meanwhile, at Gulmohar, Kedya gets trolled by their watchmen. Shanaya asks Kedya what was he doing alone. Kedya tells Shanaya about Gurunath. He says Gurunath has been trying hard to change for her. Kedya also tells her that Gurunath is waiting for her at home and she should rush back. Shanaya leaves.

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Radhika reminds Jenny about Shanaya’s photoshoot. Shreyas calls Radhika to talk about the commercial shoot. Jenny tells Shreyas about Bindu Rani’s new show. Soumitra says the show might be superhit before its launch itself. Radhika agrees. Jenny says she will make Anand listen to the show, so he learns some romance from it. Shanaya reaches back home. She gets surprised seeing all gifts placed on the table. She thinks Radhika was right about Gurunath. Shanaya calls Gurunath. He tries to impress her. Gurunath takes Shanaya down the memory lane. Gurunath says he is proud of Shanaya for becoming the CEO of Radhika Masale. Shanaya says she has done nothing.

Gurunath tells Shanaya that he wants to make things normal between them. He says he wants to revive their romance. Shanaya says that will take time as they have fought too much this time. Gurunath asks her what she wants him to do. Shanaya says he needs to impress her. Shanaya calls Radhika and tells her the entire situation. Radhika and Soumitra have a great laugh about Gurunath. Shanaya tells Radhika that she suggested Gurunath call Bindu Rani and take love tips. They all chuckle on Gurunath as he will call Bindu Rani aka Shanaya for love tips to impress Shanaya. Soumitra tells Shanaya to pretend to be Bindu Rani and give Radhika and him some love tips. Shanaya tells her mom about Bindu Rani.

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