Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath 31 August 2021 Written Update: Neha helps Yash

When Yash opposes to Ghartonde’s scheme, Neha fears that he will lose his job and helps him salvage the situation.


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In the previous episode of Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath, Neha’s sister-in-law brings a suitor for Neha without informing her. Moreover, she berates Neha in front of the suitor and his family, the Paranjapes. Later, Neha chides Yash and shares the woes of working women.

In the next episode of Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath, Ghartonde tries to convince Sameer and Aajoba to accept his scheme of employees bonuses. When Aajoba asks him to explain the scheme to all the employees, Ghartonde reluctantly obliges and elaborates on how his scheme will benefit the company as well as the employees. However, Yash raises an objection and shares his doubts about the management’s favouritism towards a few employees. Fearing that Yash will lose his job for being so blunt and straightforward, Neha intervenes and supports him in an effort to salvage the situation. To Ghartonde’s dismay, Aajoba then dismisses his bonus scheme. A dejected Ghartonde immediately informs the same to Seema over a call.

Soon after, after being prodded by Neha, Yash thanks her for saving his job and appreciates her for helping him. When she reveals that she used Pari’s dialogue to save him, Yash pulls her leg and teases her playfully. Later, the office staff rejoices as they receive a mail regarding their outstanding bonus and everyone thanks Neha for her efforts. Neha gives all the credit to Yash and later, comforts a colleague, who gets emotional on receiving the bonus.

Later, Neha comes to the boss’ cabin and finds Yash sitting in the boss’ chair. Appalled, she reprimands him for the same. Just then, Aajoba and Sameer enter the cabin and put up an act in front of Neha. Aajoba pretends to rebuke Yash and threatens to fire him, but Neha comes to his rescue and urges Aajoba to change his decision. Unaware of the fact that Yash is the real owner of the company, she lies to Aajoba about him and Sameer and Aajoba play along.

Afterward, she cautions Yash to be careful and warns him that she won’t come to his rescue always. Meanwhile, the office staff decides to buy a gift for Sameer, believing him to be the boss. When the peon comes to collect the contribution for the same from everyone, Neha notices that Yash doesn’t have enough money and pays on his behalf. Touched, Yash admires her selfless nature and thanks her.

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