Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath 16 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Yash helps Neha

Yash helps Neha in finding a house on rent. On meeting the owner of the fourth house, who enquires about Neha’s husband, Yash lies that he is Neha’s husband.

In the latest episode of Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath, Yash helps Neha in finding a house on rent.

Later, the first house owner of the house asks Neha if she liked the house. Neha replies that she did. But when he tells her about the rent, she tells him that she will let him know as soon as possible.
The second house owner tells her and Yash that this house is perfect for a couple like them. When Neha informs the third house owner that Yash is not her husband, she inquires as to where her husband is. Finally, Yash deceives the fourth house owner by claiming to be Neha’s husband. How will Neha react to Yash’s lie? Will she thank him or will she lash out at him?

In the previous episode of Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath, we have seen that the moment Shefali tries to take Yash’s side, Neha teases her by Yash’s name. Ghartonde panics after talking to Patel and contacts Seema. He tells her about the situation at the office. Bandu Kaka and Kaku discuss Neha’s sister-in-law. Pari asks Kaka and Kaku about the meaning of salary. When Bandu Kaka explains the meaning of salary to Pari, she asks him if even she can work and earn a salary.

Yash and Sameer get shocked to see Aajoba at the office. Bemused, Yash looks on in disbelief as Aajoba talks to Neha. Later, Aajoba returns Neha’s tiffin to her, claiming that Yash had left it in his car. Neha then complains to Aajoba about Yash and thanks him for bringing the tiffin. Furthermore, in front of Neha, Aajoba put up a playful act.

While Aajoba and Sameer make fun of Yash and Neha’s tiffin, Yash enters the cabin. Yash and Aajoba discuss giving Neha her advance salary. Neha asks Shefali about her feelings for Yash. But Shefali’s response delights Yash. Later, Shefali’s remark about love shocks Neha and Yash.

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