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Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath 04 July 2022 Written Update: Seema assigns Meenakshi a task


July 4, 2022

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Neha gets emotional while bidding goodbye to Yash, who is leaving abroad for office meetings. Seema hatches a ploy against Meenakshi and assigns her a task. When Pari is leaving for school, Seema throws her lunch and gives her an empty box.

In the previous episode of Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath, Neha tries to explain the office rules to Meenakshi. Bandu Kaka tries to recollect about Avinash. Later, Avinash locks Pari in the car. Meanwhile, Neha seeks Yash’s permission.

In the next episode of Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath, Aajoba asks Janki to give her blessings to Yash, who is leaving abroad. At the same time, an upset Pari asks a question to Yash, who then seeks permission from her. When Yash expresses his concern about Neha, Aajoba reassures him. Yash comforts Neha as she gets emotional during his departure.

Soon after, Sameer asks Shefali to work well due to Seema’s presence in the office. While Shefali tells Sameer about her account on the matrimonial site, he gets shocked. She also asks Sameer to help her choose a partner for her. As Sameer asks Shefali not to find anyone for her, she gives him a warning. While Sameer helps Shefali find a suitor for her, he gets baffled and rejects all the boys shown by Shefali.

Following that, Seema notices Meenakshi stealing a few things from the office and records a video of her. Then, Seema calls Meenakshi inside the cabin and shows her the video, leaving her scared. Meenakshi apologizes to Seema and asks her not to tell Neha about her wrongdoings. However, Seema gives Meenakshi a warning and later assigns her a task. She then makes the decision of ruining Neha’s life.

The next morning, Neha helps Pari in getting ready for school. While injecting Pari, Neha gets emotional. That’s when Seema arrives and pretends to be kind in front of Neha. As Pari forgets her lunchbox, Seema tells Neha that she will hand it over to Pari. While Neha talks to Yash over a call, Seema throws Pari’s lunch and gives her an empty box.

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