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Mazha Hoshil Na: 5 Reasons To Watch Gautami Deshpande And Virajas Kulkarni’s New Show

Ankita Tiwari

March 2, 2020

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Get ready to watch a fresh take on families starring Gautami Deshpande and Virajas Kulkarni at 8 pm.

As Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji has come to an end, the place is being taken over by another show. Though Amol Kolhe and Prajakta Gaikwad show would never be replaced in our hearts, The promos of this show, Mazha Hoshil Na are already out on Zee Marathi’s social media and on TV and are creating a lot of hype. As the story goes, it is a family drama and is a refresher from the deep and serious historical serial Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji.

Watch an episode of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji here

The new show is about a girl Vidya (Gautami Deshpande) who falls in love with a boy Aditya (Virajas Kulkarni). Looks very simple right? But Aditya has been orphaned at a very young age and stays with his four uncles and his grandfather. Now it gets complicated when Vidya moves to their house and she has to take care of her in-laws. She is seen vying for Aditya’s attention but his uncles and grandfather take all his time. So will Aditya ever be Vidya’s? This is the title of the show! And do you want to know why you should watch this show? Well here are a few reasons why we think you must!

1. The show talks about family values: Aditya can be seen taking care of the elders in his family, he even avoids Vidya for the same. This show will teach youngsters how to respect the elders and act as they are their priority and these are the family values that need to be talked about currently.

2. It is a fresh take on the family: The nuclear families shown in serials and movies are far from the huge joint family of this show. It is strange but it is something very different. It can be tedious but it is also totally fun. How this family stays together through developments would be seen in this show.

3. It deals with complex emotions within a family: The show is about the family and how they interact with each other. Vidya’s sacrifices and Aditya’s priorities, the family’s role and understanding in their relationship will all show how beautiful the emotions are.

4. It will teach us how to solve the family drama: As said before, the show will teach us how to solve fights and misunderstandings which will be utterly interesting!

5. It will be a unique love story: The love story of nuclear family’s Vidya and joint family’s Aditya having grown up in different cultures, adjusting and compromising for love will be so exciting to watch!

Are you enticed for this show to begin? Well, we can’t wait any longer! Comment below if you feel the same.

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