Maza Hoshil Na’s Aditya aka Virajas Kulkarni’s real-life encounter with the supernatural will send chills down your spine

Virajas Kulkarni hosted a live session on Instagram where he shared some fun spooky stories.

Vaishnavi Navalkar

November 4, 2020



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Maza Hoshil Na actor Virajas Kulkarni went live on Instagram on Saturday night. The actor decided to narrate some spooky tales to his audience who were eagerly waiting for him to come live on the social media platform. Virajas started off the live session by telling his audience about Halloween. He also shared one of his spooky experiences while he was in Pune. Virajas and his friend had finished practising for one of their stage shows and they were commuting over a bridge. While walking halfway they felt someone had just crossed their path the speed of light. Virajas and his friend were horrified by the situation.

After narrating one of his horror experiences, Virajas also invited some of his followers on the live chat to share their spooky horror experiences. One of Virajas’ fans narrated a story from the time he was in 10th standard. He said that he lived near JJ hospital and one of his neighbours was possessed by a ghost who supposedly lived near a banyan tree near their homes.  Another follower shared a spooky tale from the time she visited her aunt’s village. She said there was a shop near their house and doors of that shop always used to remain shut. The girl and her father tried to open the doors of the shop but it would not open. However, at night it opened on its own which left them horrified.

After entertaining his fans with several spooky tales, Virajas Kulkarni told about his horror-comedy play. Virajas was around 17 or 18 years old when he had written the play “Anathema”. He also directed the play and his ‘Natak company’ funded the play’s first performance from their own pocket money. His group has performed the horror-comedy play for over 150 times. They held a special online performance for the audience on the occasion of Halloween. Maza Hoshil Na’s Aditya urged his fans to watch the play online.

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