Maza Hoshil Na Promo: Suyash To Create A Rift Between Sai And Aditya?

Things are about to get worse as Suyash has announced his right over Sai. Let’s see if this affects Aditya and Sai’s budding relationship.

Kedar Koli

September 2, 2020


3 min


The relationship between Aditya (Virajas Kulkarni) and Sai (Gautami Deshpande) in Maza Hoshil Na is getting more mature with every new challenge coming their way. Aditya and Sai have sailed through their initial fights, Naina’s interference, and Dada Mama’s rejection. They have remained rock solid together but there seems to be no end to their problems. Sai’s family is hell-bent upon getting her married to Suyash who’s an extremely unsuitable candidate for Sai. During the Ganpati special episodes, we saw him taking advantage of Sai’s helplessness and blackmail her. Despite this, Sai wanted her to-be husband Suyash to meet her bestie, Aditya. We know that things are about to get nasty considering Suyash and Aditya’s opposing personalities.

Until you wait to see what happens between the two, watch the latest episode of the show here.

We sense that Aditya and Suyash are going to send sparks flying after meeting each other. They have already been met twice and have had a tiff on both occasions. Although Aditya might go on the back foot for Sai, Suyash would make sure that he goes all out. We all know that he is a mean, cunning, and insensitive person who’s only concerned about his status. It won’t be a surprise if he humiliates Aditya when they meet. Suyash has also troubled Sai enough already but won’t stop until she surrenders herself completely to him. In the new promo shared recently by Virajas Kulkarni aka Aditya, we can see our worst fears becoming reality.

Watch the latest promo of the show before you scroll down.

The promo gives us a glimpse of exactly what we might see in the upcoming episodes. Aditya is seen reciting heartfelt lines composed specially for his dream-girl Sai in the promo. Just when we thought that they’re bonding well, Suyash comes in and announces that he won’t let Aditya have Sai. He says that only he has the right over Sai’s body and no one can dare to take her away from him. Suyash then drags her away as Aditya looks at her teary-eyed. Will Suyash create a rift in Aditya and Sai’s relationship? Let’s wait and watch!

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