Maza Hoshil Na Promo: Sai’s Prospective Groom Suyash To Oust Her Cycle Date Secret?

Aditya has finally bought a brand new cycle and Sai pleads to ride it! But what happens next that makes Sai arrive so late at her home? Read on to find out!

Ankita Tiwari

July 31, 2020


3 min


Gautami Deshpande and Virajas Kulkarni’s romantic drama Maza Hoshil Na is swindling on a cliff of melodrama right now! Sai and Aditya have become closest buddies and both are ignorant of the romantic feelings that they are developing for the other. On the other hand, Sai’s mother Mrs Birajdar is worried sick that her daughter will follow in her footsteps and be unsuccessful in love. All she wants is for her daughter to marry a rich guy who can fulfil all her wishes with his monetary acquisitions. This is why Mrs Birajdar has already invited Sai’s prospective groom and his family to meet Sai!

Watch the episode where Sai meets Aditya and has a tragic fall from his cycle!

Sai promises her parents that she will return soon and skips off to meet Aditya and his new cycle! Sai decides to be obstinate about riding the cycle and ends up having a mighty fall! She returns home covered in mud and dirt cakes sticking to her face. Sai’s parents are embarrassed as they had spoken at lengths about Sai being a wonderful girl! But when her mother forces her to dress up and meet Suyash, the prospective groom, Sai does so. She dresses up in ethnic attire and comes to meet Dr Suyash and his family.

But Sai is extremely rude and leaves her parents red-faced with her cunning words. Suyash and his family decide to leave but the doctor doesn’t go without a fight! He checks Sai’s hand and tells that she must have had a fall from the cycle to get such an injury! Maybe, Sai’s lie of having fallen while running to reach home early was a terrible one.

What will happen next? Sai is definitely in trouble unless she finds a quick wit solution to this problem named Suyash!

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