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Maza Hoshil Na: From Making Chakalis To Aartis , Here’s How The Bramhes Introduced Sai To Marathi Traditions

Vaishnavi Navalkar

November 22, 2020

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Here’s everything the Brahme’s did to introduce Sai to the Marathi Culture!

Aditya and Sai from Maza Hoshil Na started off as enemies but soon became inseparable best friends. As the story is progressing, we’re witnessing how Sai and Aditya are falling in love with each other. Moreover, Sai is witnessing a change of events in her life. Although she grew up in a Marathi family, she had never been introduced to the Marathi culture. But now that she is soon going to be a part of the Brahme family, here’s everything they did to teach her about traditional Marathi culture.

1.Making Chaklis

In the recent episode, Aditya’s uncles invite Sai home to help them make sweets and savoury for Diwali. Sai, not being knowledgable about these traditional recipes, learns everything from scratch. This is one way they introduced her to the Marathi culture. And now that Dada Mama has decided to test Sai and her cooking skills, it will be interesting to see if she passes her test.

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2. Ditching the jeans for 9 yards of grace

Another instance where Sai was introduced to the Marathi culture was when she draped a saree to visit Aditya’s family. Being a tomboy and a modern girl, she not only draped a saree for the first time but also took efforts in dolling up. To add to it, Aditya’s overwhelming compliments made her day and her smile looked even brighter!

Source: ZEE53. Singing Artis

When Sai visited Aditya’s home for Ganpati celebrations, Aditya’s uncles made her wait for the Aarti and celebrations. This was another instance when Brahme’s introduced Sai to the traditional Marathi culture by singing Aartis with excitement and enthusiasm that made her happy. After the Aarti, Aditya’s uncles urged Sai to wait for lunch during Ganpati. They made Sai sit on a ‘pat’ traditional style and served her food on a banana leaf. Sai not only felt loved but also felt welcomed by Aditya’s family and was introduced to another traditional culture.

Source: ZEE5

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