Maza Hoshil Na: 4 Times Sai And Aditya Proved That They Are The Ideal ‘Bramhe Couple’ We’re Rooting For

On Maza Hoshil Na, Sai is gifted Aditya’s grandmother’s bangles by Appa. Read about the other instances on the show when Sai and Aditya proved they are the perfect Brahme couple the audience is rooting for!

Vaishnavi Navalkar

November 16, 2020



3 min


Maza Hoshil Na’s Sai and Aditya are one of the most adorable couples on TV. Although the two are yet to confess their love for each other and fall in love, they do have feelings for each other and the audience can see it. Moreover, there were several instances when Sai and Aditya have spent time together making us root for the next Brahme Couple! Here are a few instances:

1.Making Diwali Sweets at Aditya’s house

Although Sai might have never entered the kitchen in her own house, she helped the Brahme parivar in making Diwali sweets from scratch. By the end, she not only managed to impress Aditya’s Mama but also proved that she’s unstoppable and can complete each task with grace, no matter what. This was one instance when Sai proved that she’s the right match for Aditya. 

2.Being Gifted Aditya’s Grandmother’s bangles

Another instance when Aditya and Sai proved that they were the perfect Brahme couple we are rooting for is when Appa gifted their family’s traditional bangles to Sai. Appa gifts Sai Aditya’s grandmother’s bangles and tells her that their daughter-in-law is the rightful owner of those bangles.

3.Ganpati Aarti with Aditya

Remember when Sai dolled up for Ganpati at Aditya’s place? Sai being the modern tomboy hated wearing traditional clothes but she took efforts to dress up to go to the Brahme’s house. This was another instance which proved they were the perfect Brahme couple as they looked too adorable in their traditional outfits.

4.Visiting the orphanage on Aditya’s mother’s birthday

Aditya’s uncles have hidden the biggest secret from Aditya about his company. On his mother’s birthday, they tell him about the orphanage and Aditya asks Sai to come along with him. Sai cooks for the orphanage kids and also plays with them making their day a little brighter. The moments Aditya and Sai spent together at the orphanage proved that they were the perfect Brahme couple we’re rooting for!

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