Maza Hoshil Na 19 October 2020 Written Update: Sai And Aditya Make Amends After Their Fight

The latest episode of Majha Hoshil Na revolved around Bhai Mama and Bandhu Mama telling Aditya to stop fighting with Sai. Read below to know what happened in the latest episode.

Rohan Patil

October 18, 2020



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Majha Hoshil Na‘s episode begins with Bhai Mama and Bandhu Mama taunting Aditya who has recently brought Sai harm. Bhai Mama states that Aditya does not need anyone to take care of him and he can be responsible for his own actions and the consequences they put him in. Mama also states that the members of his family and Sai do not hold any meaning to Aditya anymore, while Aditya stands there and listens to everything they’re saying. Bandhu Mama then states that the duo should leave before Aditya starts insulting them, but the two are stopped by Aditya before they can walk away from the room. Aditya apologizes to both his uncles but they do not accept it and ask him to tell the truth.

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Aditya reveals all the incidents which led up to him falling unconscious. Both his uncles ask Aditya whether he knows what is happening in his life, he replies saying that what he is going through is a fault in his nature and being irresponsible. But Bhai Mama and Bandhu Mama have different views, and they suggest that he has fallen in love. Aditya denies this, saying that neither he nor she has any feelings towards each other. Bandhu Mama asks him whether he never realized that the two are falling in love, but Aditya still continues to stay true to his opinion.

They suggest that he keep his love story going on and apologize to her. Aditya refuses but Bandhu Mama calls her up and asks her to come home right away. However, it is then known that Sai has climbed up a water tank with people looking at her from below. Aditya rushes to the water tank to see Sai and asks her to not jump from it. But she states that she didn’t climb up to jump but to have some quiet time alone. The two later get done with their argument while Sai is still standing on the water tank. The two make amends and she comes done from the tank and runs towards Aditya to come to hug him. Both of them apologise to each other and go back to being their funny selves. On the other hand, Sai’s parents can be seen getting tired of looking for her. Sai’s mom drops a call to her and asks her where she was. Sai reveals that one of her friends needed her company. Sai’s mom asks who this friend is, the episode ends with Sai revealing that she was with Aditya and her parents being in shock.

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