Maza Hoshil Na 18 October 2020 Written Update: Sai Heartbroken After Aditya Insults Her?

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Vaishnavi Navalkar

October 17, 2020



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In the next episode of Maza Hoshil Na, we will see Bhai Mama and Bandhu Mama praising Sai for handling Appa well. They tell her that sometimes they do not have an answer for Appa’s weird questions, but they liked how she handled it. Sai says that she finds Appa like a small kid and since she loves kids, she can handle him well. Bandhu mama teases her saying if she could handle Appa, she can also do the other jobs in this house well. Sai says she pretended to be their daughter-in-law only for Appa and clarifies that she has no intentions of being their daughter-in-law.

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Sai waits near Aditya who is deep asleep. He starts talking in his sleep and calls for his mother. Sai tells him that his mother is around him, to which he asks why can’t he see her? Aditya keeps asking a lot of questions and Sai answers them diligently. Aditya asks Sai if she will always stay with him, to which Sai replies she will always be by his side. Just then, Aditya wakes up and is surprised to find Sai by his side. He starts yelling and calls for his uncles, who rush in his room.

Aditya wakes up and tells his uncles to ask Sai to leave. They start arguing when Bandhu mama and Bhai mama ask them to calm down. Aditya asks them to take Sai outside. Sai argues that she won’t leave until he feels better. Bandhu mama asks her to calm down and escorts her outside. He tells her to go home, but she waits outside and says that she won’t leave until Aditya feels better.

The next morning, Bandhu mama and Bhai mama find Sai still waiting outside Aditya’s house. They rush to tell Aditya that she had been waiting since last night and he should apologise to Sai. Aditya wakes up and tells his uncles that he is feeling better. He goes out to meet Sai, who talks to him nicely. Aditya insults her and asks her to leave from his house. Sai feels hurt and tells him that she had promised him that she will always stay by his side, which is why she waited for him. She starts crying and while leaving she tells Aditya that she won’t always be there for him.

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