Maza Hoshil Na 14 October 2020 Written Update: Sai Admits She Has Fallen For Aditya

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Ankita Tiwari

October 13, 2020



2 min


In the next episode of the Zee Marathi show Maza Hoshil Na, we will see how Aditya bids goodbye to Sai and tells her to take care. Bhai Mama calls Aditya and asks him if he is coming home for dinner. He tells Aditya to take his time, hinting that he is aware of Aditya being with Sai. Aditya takes Sai’s leave and starts cycling towards home. Sai starts feeling alone and calls Aditya. She asks him to bring her ice-cream. Aditya says that he has promised to fulfil all her requests and he will keep his promise.

Watch the spoiler of the episode here.

Aditya searches for the ice cream and finds a seller who is closing his shop. He tries to convince the seller but he declines Aditya’s requests, until Aditya tells him that his wife has a toothache. The seller then agrees and gives Aditya the black currant ice cream. Aditya gives the ice cream to Sai and tries to rush home when a stone lying on the path becomes an obstacle and Aditya falls over it. He hurts his hand and Sai comes to his rescue.

Sai takes Aditya home and asks him to lie down. She calls a doctor who tends to Aditya. Aditya feels drowsy and sleeps on the couch. Sai promises to wake him up but looking at him sleep like a baby, she feels grateful and starts thinking that she might be in love with him!

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