Massive Fire Breaks Out In Madhya Pradesh, Engulfs 25 Acres Of Farmland

A massive fire broke out in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday, burning down 25 acres of farmlands. Read on.

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April 1, 2021

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A massive fire broke out in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday, engulfing at least 25 acres of farmland filled with the wheat crop. As per the reports, the fire hazard took place on Tuesday morning due to a short circuit and fire brigades rushed to the spot immediately. The reports suggest that by the time fire brigades reached the spot, a lot of damage had already happened. Watch the news video below to find out more details.

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As per the reports, the instance took place in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh where acres of farmlands are there. The fire reportedly started after a short circuit occurred in a nearby transformer causing a spark. The spark then developed into a fire and soon enough, the fire burned the vegetation growing on at least 25 acres of farmland.

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In the news video, crops can be seen burning and dense clouds of smoke can be seen emancipating into the sky. Fire brigadiers can be seen doing damage control. However, they were not able to save the wheat crop. A large crowd has gathered to witness the fire. While some are taking videos, the others are merely spectating.

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Speaking of fire breakouts, a major fire reportedly broke out in the ICU ward of Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi.  The instance took place on Wednesday morning. Fire brigades rushed to the spot immediately to douse the flames and no casualty has been reported so far.

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