Martial Arts Expert Sets World Record By Opening Bottle Caps With His Head

Prabhakar Reddy from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh has created a world record of removing 68 bottle caps in one minute.

Amir Khollam

November 23, 2020

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Indian Martial Arts expert Prabhakar Reddy has set yet another Guinness World Record by removing 68 bottle caps in just one minute using his head. The world record was earlier held by Pakistan’s Muhammad Rashid Naseem. The multiple world record holder was assisted by Sujith Kumar E and Rakesh B who hail from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. Check out the video below –

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The video of him breaking the record was also shared on the official Twitter account of Guinness World Record. However, even the ones who filmed Prabhakar Reddy breaking the record cautioned the viewers to not try it at home. The act of opening bottles of soft drink with one’s head does look painful and doing it consecutively for 68 times cannot be fathomed. However, Prabhakar did not show any signs of fatigue for a minute straight.

Prabhakar Reddy P is a multiple Guinness World Records holder and a 36th generation warrior monk. He has also trained Shaolin Temple China, becoming one of the decorated warrior monks at a global level. It was only back in September 2020, when he and his students created the world record of smashing 49 coconuts while being blindfolded.

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As of now, Reddy teaches many students in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, where he ensures that all his students follow the same principles he has been following since the age of 11. The martial artist has a strict regime when it comes to teaching the students and managing his own training which he handles efficiently. When it comes to smashing coconuts, India already has a world record of 122 in one minute with one hand. It won’t be surprising if Prabhakar Reddy breaks that record too.

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