Mapla Singam Highlights 5 Issues Women Face In The Name Of Tradition

In Mapla Singam, most of the issues that women face are depicted through comic elements.

August 26, 2019


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“When men are oppressed, it’s a tragedy. When women are oppressed, it’s tradition.”  Tradition should be the basis of our identity and not a binding factor that restricts our growth. Thus, Mapla Singam depicts to us the side of tradition that acts as a constraining factor for the women in our country. The movie which stars Vemal and Anjali as the main leads is a romantic comedy and is available on ZEE5. Apart from being a movie about romance, this movie also speaks of different social issues prevalent in the country.

Watch the sad plight of women at the hands of tradition, as depicted in the movie Mapla Singam.

Of the others that have been touched upon the movie, what holds an important space in the array of social issues, is the problems that women face in the Indian society. While these problems might be different depending on the location to which it belongs, the common factor is the sad plight of women.

Anbu's sister
A still from Mapla Singam

In Mapla Singam, the issues that women face are typical to conditions in most of the Indian villages. While most of these issues are depicted through comic elements, they are of grave importance. So, let us look at five issues that are depicted in the movie.

1. Household property

The way women are treated as household properties instead of giving them the respect and status of an individual.

2. Education

In the film, several times the idea is of education is repeated. According to some customs and traditions, it is not good if a female child is educated.

3. Opinions do not matter

The opinions of women are of no importance, they just have to follow the lead of the men of the house.

4. Career

Women having no part in the family matters is another thing but having no choice about their careers is again a painful plight. As shown in the movie, it is not proper for a woman to work.

5. Marriage

Along with the other issues that a woman has to face, her partner for marriage and her consent to get married is of no relevance to the woman.

Before you turn to move on with your daily schedule after reading this, take it to heart and decide to stand against such atrocities against women.

In the meantime, you can also watch more women-centric Tamil movies streaming on ZEE5.

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